Ambitious Vikings want to turn Valheim into an MMO with 1000 players News


Ambitious Vikings want to turn Valheim into an MMO with 1000 players News

Actually, Valheim is intended as a co-op game for up to 10 players. However, a group of modders has decided to increase this number. Over 1000 players at the same time should be possible. The project sounds promising, because the makers apparently have experience.

What kind of project is that? Under the name VaLNGOS (short for: "Valheim Large Network Game Object Server Suite"), a huge Valheim server is currently being built for more players than has previously been possible. With VaLNGOS, more players should be able to play together at the same time than has previously been the case.

The creators, a group of modders, are already running their own server "Comfy Valheim", on which up to 64 players can play at the same time. Normally your own Valheim servers only have a capacity of ten players.

The makers now have the goal of being able to accommodate over 1000 players at the same time. Valheim would become a real MMO - and the world would certainly be big enough so that nobody gets in each other's way.

A "vanilla" server is planned, ie a server without mods and with settings as intended by the developers. Only with significantly more players. This should work with a special code that diverts processes from the players' computers to a server.

There is even a website with a fancy logo.

Who is developing the “Valheim MMO”? Behind the project is a team that is partly made up of the developers who were already responsible for the WoW Classic servers Nostalrius and Elysium (via PCGamesN ).

Nostalrius was a huge success and was only crushed with the launch of the official WoW Classic . Apparently the modders already have experience with large, server-based MMOs. How that will work for Valheim remains to be seen.

You can find more information about Comfy Valheim and VaLNGOS on the developers' channels and websites:

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