Apparently Fortnite gets 4 new weapons - one even shoots with garbage


Apparently Fortnite gets 4 new weapons - one even shoots with garbage

The start of Season 6 in Fortnite: Battle Royale already brought some new features and weapons, but apparently 4 more new weapons could soon await us. According to Dataminern, there is even a rifle that shoots garbage. We'll show you what was found.

That's just going on in Fortnite: Season 6 - Chapter 2 has started and brought some new features. Players can now even make their own primeval weapons or hunt wild animals on the map. But more new weapons could appear in the game soon.

After the update 16.10, which fixed a lot of bugs , Dataminers found some weapons that are expected to appear in the near future. A gun, in particular, is quite strange because it is supposed to shoot with rubbish.

4 new weapons leaked

What was found The Dataminer Firemonkey showed that he had found 3 exotic weapons in the data, which are likely to be sold by NPCs soon. He shared his find on Twitter - these mythical guns are to come ( via Twitter ):

  • Marksman Revolver - at NPC Deadfire
  • Unstable bow - at NPC Rebirth Raven
  • Grappler sheet - at NPC Lara Croft
The bows in particular seem to be more of a “weapon” that is used for tricks in a round and does not necessarily cause damage to opponents. The Grappler Bow could work similarly to the mythical Grappler from Season 2 - Chapter 2 , which made you move forward incredibly quickly.

New gun that shoots garbage?

This weapon was also found: Update 16.10 brought out yet another weapon. The “Recycler” weapon will probably need ammunition that was otherwise unknown in Fortnite. As the name suggests, the new ratchet is supposed to recycle “rubbish” and use it as ammunition.

The recycler is said to cause 75 damage to players and has a magazine size of 3 shots. In addition, the new weapon should take 2 seconds to reload. The dataminer XTigerHypexX has posted the stats for the new ratchet on Twitter:

It looks like the recycler is bringing a new type of ammunition that was previously unknown in Fortnite. The data miner HYPEX already showed the first information on how the “garbage” -Muni should work in the game ( via Twitter ). According to the leaker, the recycler is supposed to suck in various materials and then spit out garbage bombs.

When are the new weapons coming? The release for these 4 weapons is not yet known. They could be added in the next update, but keep in mind that this has not yet been officially confirmed by Epic. We will inform you as soon as there is more information about the leaked weapons.

With update 16.10, dataminers not only found weapons that are not yet in the game. The patch also brought new features into play, such as the dinosaurs that are now running through the map. Should you encounter velociraptors, you can even tame them.  

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