Best New Mobile Games for April 2021

 New game from the creator of the Final Fantasy series, mobile Crash Bandicoot, racing in the spirit of "Mad Max" and other projects worthy of attention

Finally, the real spring has come, which means that many of us will have more reasons to get out somewhere with a smartphone. Therefore, we urgently need to fill it with interesting games. We've handpicked the best new items to have fun sitting on a park bench.

Fantasian - old school jRPG in your pocket

Fantasian is a brand new Apple Arcade exclusive from famed Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series. As expected, the project resembles classic FF releases like the 6th or 7th part, and not only the visual component (a mixture of cold high-tech with pastoral fantasy), but also the gameplay. The camera here also "hangs" away from the characters most of the time, and the battles take place in turn-based mode using different abilities.

The Fantasian hero is a young man named Leo who has lost his memory. He wakes up in some sinister factory next to two funny robots, whom he seems to have freed from captivity. At the beginning of the game, you need to escape from the factory, destroying drones, and help the hero remember the past. You will have to not only fight, but also carefully study the rooms in which Leo visited before, finding in them notes, useful items and hiding places. You will also need to make friends who will come in handy in battle thanks to their useful skills: for example, a robot can impose a protective power dome on squad members, and a magician can heal and fire projectiles in an arc, hitting many enemies at once.

The main feature of Fantasian is its locations. The game world consists of approximately 150 hand-crafted dioramas. They were created by set masters from Japanese animation such as Attack on Titans or Godzilla. The ready-made dioramas were brought into the game using 3D scanning. As a result, all landscapes are pleasing to the eye and are combined with cartoon characters in an unusual way.

Fantasian will take over 20 hours to complete.

Warpath - war strategy set in WWII

Action Warpath takes place in an alternate version of the Second World War. The player needs to command the troops and develop the base of the militias trying to get rid of the fascist threat. From combat units, infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft are available. You can team up with other gamers to increase your chances of winning and earn many rewards.

The passage of the Warpath storyline is divided into chapters that introduce the player to all the mechanics of the game. In each new chapter, a new officer joins the squad with unique abilities that help to seize the initiative on the battlefield. For example, Medic Florence Borden increases the speed of infantry recovery, and pilot Jean Dufort conducts reconnaissance to reveal a tactical advantage for the player's troops.

Well, after the passage of the plot, the most interesting begins - strategic planning and political relations with real players.

World War 2: Battle Combat - Battlefield 5 "at the minimum"

If strategies are not yours, but you love the WW2 setting, then take a look at another novelty this month - World War 2: Battle Combat. It's a 5x5 multiplayer shooter set on historic battlefields like Normandy Beach or the streets of Berlin. The game offers five combat modes, among which, in addition to the banal "team battle" or "capture point", there are also more interesting "arms race" and "knives only". You can play as a soldier of the USSR, USA, Japan and Germany, but only representatives of allied countries can be on the same team.

World War 2: Battle Combat boasts dozens of real-life historical weapons: pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers. More powerful barrels become available as the player's level rises. And you can also pick up any weapon from defeated enemies right in battle (although you cannot take it with you after the match).

Overall, World War 2: Battle Combat is a bouncy online shooter with great graphics and in the spirit of Battlefield or Call of Duty. We also note convenient controls and a small TTK (average time to kill an enemy), which is unusual for smartphones, which forces you to act carefully and not be substituted once again.

Underdogs - isometric team action

In Underdogs, you have to push a cart on the rails to the enemy base with a team of three players. The cart appears in the middle of the map, and two opposing teams have to shoot each other, actively using cover and the ability of the force shield to seize the initiative.

The game has a nice minimalistic picture due to sel-shading. There is character customization and 13 types of weapons. In addition to the banal AK47 or a shotgun, you can use a flamethrower, a crossbow and even a cannon that releases automatic turrets. In the beginning, they give out only a machine gun and a shotgun, but with new levels, the character has access to more interesting weapons.

While there is not enough content in the Underdogs, in future updates they promise new modes, new weapons and many other "goodies".

Postknight 2 - 2D RPG about a knight

Continuation of the popular arcade RPG about the mail knight. The game is still in early access, but there is enough content.

In Postknight 2, the player takes on the role of a chivalrous delivery service recruit. It takes place in the Middle Ages, when wild animals and other troubles could be encountered on the road. This means that the courier must be able to stand up for himself. In this he is helped by a faithful sword, a strong shield, potions and various perks. The postal knight runs along the path himself, and our task is to skillfully juggle different abilities and their combinations to defeat enemies.

Between deliveries, you can go to the blacksmith to improve equipment, look for side quests or enhance potions from the alchemist. You can also start relationships with the inhabitants of peaceful settlements, for which they will give useful equipment.

Despite the seeming simplicity, winning battles in Postknight 2 is quite difficult. Especially at the first levels - abilities take a long time to recharge, and enemies bite painfully. But gradually you will find optimal tactics and get hold of more powerful perks.

Dwarf Journey - combat platformer about a dwarf

The main character of Dwarf Journey rebelled against the coming old age and decided to show everyone that he is still a mighty dwarf. He grabbed an ax, dressed in rusted armor, grabbed a pickaxe and went into the dungeon to destroy monsters and mine ore.

Dwarf Journey is similar in structure to roguelike games. The levels here are randomly generated, and after each death the hero is revived at the base, having lost half of the mined. At the base, you can improve equipment for ore and pump archetypal characteristics. For example, strength is responsible for damage from an ax, and vitality is responsible for the amount of health. Moreover, the last characteristic does not look useless at all (as in most popular Action-RPGs): there are many enemies in the caves, they attack from different directions and hit painfully. Until you pump your armor and health well, you will have to die often.

  • Download the game from the App Store.

Road Warrior: Combat Racing - Mad Max-style survival racing

Good car simulators rarely appear on the mobile platform, but quite often there are good racing arcades. Road Warrior: Combat Racing , a 2D combat racing game inspired by the MCU Mad Max, is one such game.

The races here pass through the wasteland under heavy rock, and the racers drive rusty cars, hung with weapons, and try to get rid of each other in order to get ahead. But bypassing the opponent on the track, you immediately put yourself under his machine gun. Therefore, sometimes it is wiser to let your opponent go ahead and shoot yourself. We also note the variety of types of cars: for example, a van goes slower than a passenger car, but is better protected, which is even preferable for survival races.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - runner about the classic PlayStation mascot

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run combines typical runner gameplay with elements from the mainstream Crash Bandicoot series. The main character automatically runs forward, and the player needs to help him dodge obstacles, blow up boxes of dynamite by spinning around its axis and destroy enemies.

From time to time, you come across bosses who shoot projectiles along the track, preventing them from running. You need to avoid such attacks in order to get to the boss and launch a bomb at him.

Cats in Time - analogue of The Room in different historical eras

Cats in Time is inspired by room escape and puzzle games like The Room . You need to explore three-dimensional dioramas and solve riddles in order to save the cats lost in time. The main goal of each level is to find ten missing cats that are good at hiding. You need to look for boxes, open doors, ransack roofs, and also pull levers, pick up a code and solve other riddles to open a secret place.

Cats in Time has augmented reality mode. While in a normal game you need to rotate the screen around the level, in AR mode you need to walk with your smartphone around the table, which enhances the immersion.

Interestingly, Pine Studio collects data during play to help real pets. A developer buys 10 kilograms of cat food from animal shelters after every 100,000 cats saved in the game.

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