Blizzard bans Hearthstone grandmasters shortly before the start of the season


Blizzard bans Hearthstone grandmasters shortly before the start of the season

One day before the new season of Hearthstone esports begins, Blizzard banned one of the 48 grandmasters, Paul "Zalae" Nemeth, from the tournament. One refers to "allegations" against him.

This is the short-term ban: The new season starts on April 9th ​​at the Hearthstone Grandmasters. 16 selected players from each region will compete against each other. These are the grandmasters, handpicked super players, of whom there are only 48 in the world.

But in the “Americas” region there is now one missing: Instead of 16 players, only 15 are playing.

Because Blizzard announced immediately before the start of the tournament:

Ex-girlfriend made allegations in January

What are these allegations? Blizzard doesn't elaborate on that itself. But it's obvious they're referring to three-month-old allegations made by an ex-girlfriend of Zalae (via twitter ).

On January 19th, Mythgard streamer and community manager Rini published a post on Twitter and a video on YouTube: 

  • The two had lived together and, according to Rini, at the end of the relationship there were situations in which she felt threatened by Zalae: he built himself up in front of her and harassed her
  • At the end of the relationship, he once got so angry that he grabbed her, threw her on the bed, sat on her and held a pillow over her face so that she could no longer breathe - only when she shouted “I can no longer breathe “He let go of her
  • The next morning he woke her early and told her that she had to leave the house quickly, that he no longer felt safe

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