Borderlands 3 left out perhaps the most important scene in the story


Borderlands 3 left out perhaps the most important scene in the story

Borderlands 3 's new Director's Cut not only contains new content, but also a particularly emotional scene that was cut from the game. The story could have really used this scene, players think.

What kind of scene is that? Borderlands 3 released the “Director's Cut” in April after an unusual postponement . In the DLC, for example, challenges such as a new raid boss or some story missions about a murder mystery are included. In addition, there are also several glimpses behind the scenes, where you can discover concept graphics or artworks.

This also includes an artwork of a scene cut in the main game. This scene processes a particularly emotional moment in the story, but was completely missing in the finished game.

Warning: From here on spoilers of the Borderlands 3 story follow , for everyone who still wants to gamble through the game.

Removed scene would have solved problems

This is what the scene shows: In the scene you can see how the crew of the Sanctuary deal with the loss of the Siren Maya after she was killed by Troy Calypso. We see Lilith reproach herself and Ava, Maya's student, seems to be almost broken by the loss. Then it cuts to a funeral scene for Maya.

Lilith gives a funeral speech at a monument to the heroine, while the main supporting characters say goodbye to Maya. Even war, which would later play a major role in its own DLC, is present. You can see the scene here on YouTube: 

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