Dragon Ball - Naohiro Shintani pays homage to the 90s art of the movie Fusion with a beastly Gogeta


Dragon Ball - Naohiro Shintani pays homage to the 90s art of the movie Fusion with a beastly Gogeta

Are you passionate about the 90s style of Dragon Ball and would you like to see the current work as in that time? You already know that this is more possible every day, and we fully contemplate it in Dragon Ball Super Broly , the latest feature film by Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation . How was it possible? Well, with the signing of Naohiro Shintani in the supervision of the animation of the film, at the express request of the author of Son Goku.

And what if good Akira Toriyama was right with his choice, so that they say he is a "dead weight" in the franchise. Thanks to the teacher, the fans were able to enjoy the best animated film in the history of Dragon Ball , not in vain Naohiro Shintani adapted, like no one else, to current times without forgetting the more 90s essence of the series.

Taking advantage of the fact that Selecta Vision has launched a new collector's edition of Dragon Ball Super Broly , limited to 700 units throughout Spain and that you can see in detail in the video above, we have noticed a very curious thing. As we mentioned in the past Directo Z, this new edition delights us with an illustration of Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue that until now was exclusive to the Japanese collector's edition. Well, Selecta has obtained the license and we have it well present in the new A4 collector's box.

The truth is that when seeing this Gogeta of Shintani in a big way, in all its splendor, we have realized that it is a clear tribute to the Super Saiyan Gogeta that illustrated the VHS of the film Fusion of the 90s, where he character in the same pose performing a Kame Hame Ha . You know what image we mean, right? Marching the comparison of both illustrations:


Dragon Ball - Naohiro Shintani

Dragon Ball

How did you stay? Are you convinced by Shintani's homage to Gogeta's mythical 90s art? Would you like Shintani to oversee the animation of future Dragon Ball movies , or even the future TV anime series?

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