Dragon Ball - Vegeta's new transformation revealed?


Dragon Ball - Vegeta's new transformation revealed?

We know that Vegeta , the prince of all Saiyans, is one of your favorite Dragon Ball characters . However, it seems that he is always in the shadow of Son Goku , although little by little we see him obtain alternative transformations that may bring him closer and closer to his greatest rival... 

The fact is that, in the last hours, a new promotional image of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been published, where we are presented with the new update of the card game that is scheduled for next May 20. In the banner, we appreciate Goku Ultra Instinct , Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose (with his new mask) and Vegeta. 

However, there is something that has set off alarms in the Dragon Ball fan community . Is Vegeta in a Super Saiyan Blue state or is it something else? We all know that the saiyan reached the Evolution level of Blue a long time ago, but would we be facing something totally new?

As can be seen in the promotional design, Vegeta is surrounded by a negative aura in black, added to his design in Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, so we could be facing a new transformation yet to be unraveled in Super Dragon Ball Heroes (you know who are very given to the unprecedented transformations in this arcade). 

Dragon Ball - Vegeta's new transformation revealed?

At the moment we will have to wait a few more weeks to see if we are really facing a new transformation of Vegeta or simply a color variant resulting from the banner design. Thus the things, the doubt remains in the air until further notice. 

And what did you think? Are we really facing a new transformation as many fans already point out or is it simply the state that we all knew beforehand? Kai, Kai !

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