ESO is introducing the new areas in Blackwood that will bring you to Oblivion


ESO is introducing the new areas in Blackwood that will bring you to Oblivion

The Blackwood expansion introduces the dark forest to the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S). Zenimax Online has now introduced this area a little more closely.

What is the dark forest? The area represents the border between Cyrodiil in the middle of the continent Tamriel and the Black Marsh in the southeast. Here beautiful forests and floodplains merge into the gloomy swampy landscape, which makes this place particularly exciting and interesting. Art Director CJ Grebb explains:

We enjoyed the opportunity to explore the rolling hills and deciduous forests of the Nibental Valley, an environment that will be familiar to those brave souls who have spent much time in Cyrodiil. Due to the spatial distance to the War of the Three Banners, however, niches of calm could form, so that nature lovers can enjoy long stretches of untouched (yet dangerous) forests.

A video shows you what the area looks like: 

A big new area full of killer frogs

How big is the area? You can expect a zone in the Blackwood expansion that corresponds in size to the areas that were introduced into the MMORPG ESO with the Elsweyr and Summerset expansions.

You can expect around 30 hours of new content in the form of stories and quests. The missions take you to the two cities of Leyawiin and Gideon as well as six vaults, two public dungeons and a new test for 12 players. You face six bosses and must also enter the Oblivion gates. The developers do not want to talk about these world events until a later point in time.

You will explore ancient Argon temples and Deadrian vaults. Numerous challenges and dangers await you there.

What new enemies are waiting for you? CJ Grubb reveals that the death knights await you in the swamps. These are giant frogs that bury themselves in the mud and then jump out of their hiding place to grab their prey with their tongues and bite to death with their sharp teeth.

In addition, wild dogs wander around in the swamps and you will have to deal with the reptile-like wamasu that lay their eggs in the area.

What else is special about the dark forest? Since it is the border area between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh, a special culture awaits you, consisting mainly of imperial and Argonians. Since even Elsweyr is not far away, many Khajiit cavort in the dark forest. In the cities the peoples have learned to live in peace with one another, although there is war in Cyrodiil, which you experience in PvP . Zone Lead Jason Barnes explains:

The imperial in Dunkelforst have come to terms with their separation from the main part of the empire and want to lead a completely normal life - even if the chances for them may be extremely poor. The Argonians here are more adventurous than their home cousins, and the city of Gideon serves as a kind of border that allows the Argonians from Black Marsh to get out of the marshes into safe territory.

Outside the cities, however, the picture is different. Because there tensions between the peoples can be felt and you reach the dark forest at a time when the powder keg is about to explode. That will make it very exciting to explore the dark forest when the addon Blackwood is released on June 1st for PC and on June 8th on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles. 

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