Everything about Razor in Genshin Impact - builds, artifacts, weapons, skills and methods of obtaining

Everything about Razor in Genshin Impact - builds, artifacts, weapons, skills and methods of obtaining

Looking for the best build on Razor in Genshin Impact ? Raizor is an electro character who lives among the wolves in Wolfendom near Mondstadt. He uses a two-handed sword and is a useful member of any group. However, as a four-star character, he is much easier to acquire than some of the more elite Genshin Impact characters. This is convenient for players who do not want to donate their money to the game.

How to get Raizor

There is a great chance of getting Raizor by accident. It is part of the ongoing Wanderlust Invocation prayer, which also features the five-star characters Mona, Qi Qi, and Ke Qing, as well as 13 other four-star heroes and assorted weapons. It can also be purchased in the store for 34 free star shine.

Even if you didn't plan on using Raizor in your squad, he can still make a great party member if you know how to use him.

Raizor's description - height, titles, special dish, affiliation, region, constellation, birthday and gender

  • Gender: Male;
  • Birthday: September 9;
  • Constellation: Agile Wolf Cub;
  • Region: Mondstadt;
  • Affiliation: Wolfend;
  • Special dish: Potato pancakes "Dog's paws";
  • Titles: Pack Instinct, Wolf Boy, Lupikal;
  • Height: 164.3 cm.

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Raizor's arts

Active talents

Raizor provides a stable mix of regular attacks, electro damage, one-on-one combat, area damage, group buffs, and reload speed boosts. He is a real helper in the team, mostly healing. He probably won't be your dream character compared to some five-star competitors, but he might come in handy early on in the game.

Raizor is highly regarded as one of the best four-star characters in the entire game, and it's easy to see why when you look at the damage he can deal.

As an electro character wielding a sword, Razor does well in groups that can trigger spontaneous reactions: cryo, pyro, and hydro help inflict massive damage.

Normal Attack: Steel Fang

  • Normal attack : up to four slashing sword strikes;
  • Charged Attack : A spinning attack against surrounding enemies, continuously spending stamina.
  • After spinning, makes an additional powerful sword attack;
  • Falling Attack : Falls swiftly to the ground, attacking all enemies in its path. After landing, it deals area damage.

Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder

Tracks down the victim using techniques and methods he learned from his teacher and his pack.

  • Quick Tap : Slash with the claws of a thunder wolf, dealing electro damage to enemies in front. On a hit, Razor gains an electro symbol, which increases the rate at which his energy regenerates. Raizor can have up to 3 electro symbols at the same time. Receiving a new electro icon resets their duration.
  • Long press : collects electro energy and causes a thunderstorm in a small area, which inflicts huge electro damage, taking away all accumulated electro symbols. Each symbol taken is converted into energy for Raizor.

Elemental Blast: Lightning Fang

Awakens an inner wolf that deals electro damage to all surrounding enemies. Activating the skill takes away all accumulated electro symbols, converting them into energy for Raizor. For the duration of the skill, the wolf fights alongside Razor.

Inner Wolf :

  • Attacks along with Razor's normal attacks, dealing electro damage;
  • Increases attack speed and electrical resistance of Raizor;
  • Grants Raizor immunity from damage caused by the "Charged" status;
  • Raizor's charged attacks become unavailable;
  • Increases resistance to interrupting Raizor's attacks.
  • These effects end when Razor leaves the fight. When Razor leaves combat, the remaining duration of the skill is returned to him in the form of energy. Max 10 units of energy.

Passive talents

  • "Awakening" : reduces the cooldown time of the Thunder and Claws skill by 18%, also using the Thunderfang skill completely resets its cooldown;
  • Hunger : Raizor's energy recovery is increased by 30% when his energy falls below 50%;
  • Wolvensprint : Reduces the stamina consumption of the active character while sprinting by 20%. Does not stack with passive talents that provide exactly the same effects.


In order to activate each star, one Character Luck is needed. You can only open the stars in order. For each character, you can get up to six luck. To get the "Luck of the character", you need to find a duplicate of the hero in the prayers.

  • Wolf's Instinct : Selected elemental spheres or particles increase Raizor's damage by 10% for 8 seconds;
  • Suppression : Increases the critical hit chance against enemies with HP below 30% by 10%.
  • Soul Companion : Increases Thunderfang skill level by 3. Max Level: 15;
  • "Bite" : when hit by a quick press of the "Thunder and Claws" skill, the enemy's defense is reduced by 15% for 7 seconds;
  • Sharpened Claws : increases the skill level of Thunder and Claws by 3. Maximum level: 15;
  • Lupus Fulguris : Every 10 seconds, Raizor's sword is charged with lightning, which is released on the next normal attack and deals electro damage equal to 100% of Raizor's attack power. If Raizor is not affected by Thunderfang, each lightning strike on an enemy grants him the Thunder and Claws electro skill symbol.

Materials for character elevation

To elevate the character, Razor will have to hunt various creatures and collect materials. We'll have to hunt for the boss of "Electro Hypostasis" and various hilichurls. The Wolf Hook can be found in Mondstadt and often grows at the foot of dead trees and near bushes.

  • 20 level : 20,000 mora, 1 fragment of Vajrad amethyst, 3 wolf hooks, 3 broken masks;
  • Level 40 : 40,000 morahs, 3 fragments of Vajrad amethyst, 2 lightning prisms, 10 wolf hooks, 15 broken masks;
  • 50 level : 60,000 mora, 6 fragments of amethyst Vajrad, 4 prisms of lightning, 10 wolf hooks, 12 dirty masks;
  • Level 60 : 80,000 mora, 3 pieces of Vajrad amethyst, 8 lightning prisms, 30 wolf hooks, 18 dirty masks;
  • Level 70 : 100,000 mora, 6 pieces of Vajrad amethyst, 12 lightning prisms, 45 wolf hooks, 12 sinister masks;
  • Level 80 : 120,000 morahs, 6 precious Vajrad amethysts, 20 lightning prisms, 60 wolf hooks, 24 sinister masks.

Build (assembly) for maximum damage. The best artifacts and weapons for build (assembly), team

Start each attack with the Thunder and Claws skill. Once you hit, switch to normal combo attacks, but dash right before the final hit. The final hit of a four-hit combo is very slow and doesn't do much damage - dash to cancel the animation and repeat your normal attack combo again. You should be able to attack with the Thunder and Claws skill after going through two cycles of normal attacks.

Thunderfang increases the speed of each attack and provides additional Electro Damage with each strike. You can use the extra attack speed by doing normal combos, as the final hit won't take long. Use the sword "Wolf Doom" to deal as much damage as possible. If you don't have this five-star weapon, you can take the four-star Prototype: Archaic instead.

While Razor does do electro damage, most of his hits are from normal attacks. Focus on artifacts that boost attack, physical damage, and critical strike chance.

To maximize your damage, it's important to understand how to effectively use your elemental reactions. Unlike some of the other high damage characters in Genshin Impact, Raizor requires you to constantly switch to different party members because he relies on the extra damage from elemental reactions.

Command for Raizor in Genshin Impact: Cryo characters such as Qiqi and Diona work well with Raizor as you can consistently deal area damage with the Superconduct reaction. Zhongli and Venti are also fine as they don't need to be active in combat for too long.


Raizor can use either a five-star or four-star weapon. The four-star sword is easier to obtain as it can be forged.

Four stars

Prototype: Archaic (Prototype Aminus) : When hit with a normal or charged attack, has a 50% chance to deal an additional 240% damage in a small radius. May occur once every 15 seconds. The sword can be forged, for this you will need: "The form of the two-handed sword of the Northman", 50 fragments of crystal, 50 fragments of white iron and 500 mora.

Five Stars

If you want to use Raizor with a five-star sword, you won't find anything better than Wolf's Gravestone.

Wolf's Gravestone : Increases attack power by 20%. When hitting a target with HP less than 30%, the attack power of all members of the squad is increased by 40% for 12 seconds. It can occur no more than 1 time in 30 seconds. The sword can be obtained through prayers.


Gladiator's Finale: 2 Parts: Increases attack power by 18%. 4 parts: increases the damage of a normal attack by 35% if the character is using a one-handed, two-handed or polearm. You can get it from world bosses at world level 2 and above.

Build (assembly) for a support character. The best artifacts and weapons for build (assembly)

However, some players want Razor to play a support role, but he is not the right hero for that. He can apply an electro effect to opponents, but this will only work for one hit.

Raizor is built to stay ahead of the team as he doesn't have any kind of support kit. Raizor's fighting style is aggressive. His elemental skill and elemental blast are designed to empower him, and his weapon class helps deal damage.

But if you are determined to use him as a support character, then you can use this build.


For this build, Raizor can also use the Prototype: Archaic and Wolf Doom swords. But the artifact will have to be replaced.


Thundering Fury Set: 2 Parts: Increases Electro Damage bonus by 15%. 4 parts: increases the damage of the Overload, Charged and Superconductor statuses by 40%. The imposition of these statuses reduces the cooldown of an elemental skill by 1 second. Can occur once every 0.8 seconds. You can get it in the July Gardens dungeon. 

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