Farm world levels in Outriders - This is how you get better loot quickly


Farm world levels in Outriders - This is how you get better loot quickly

The 15 world levels of Outriders not only influence the level of difficulty of the game, they also influence your yield. We shows you the best way to farm and level them up.

This is how the world levels work: There are a total of 15 different levels. These levels affect the overall difficulty of the game. The higher you go, the greater the challenge.

At the same time, there are some advantages waiting for you. So the probability of better loot increases with each level. There is also a reward for each rank unlocked. At world level 12 there is even one of three legendary weapons that are guaranteed to be available.

In this guide we will introduce you to a few methods of how you can farm and level up world levels while you are on your way to the endgame.

How to level world levels and where you can do that

How do you level your world level? The principle is simple: kill opponents. You not only increase your character level, but also the world levels.

  • Below your normal EXP display you will find a second level bar that shows your progress with the world levels.
  • However, you can also lose EXP for your world level again if you bite the grass.
  • So the game automatically balances the level of difficulty for you.
  • If you are making good progress, you will gradually go one step further.
  • If you die too often, you will stay at the respective level until you improve or find better equipment.

If you want to increase your world level in a targeted manner, you should find places in the game where you can eliminate as many simple opponents as possible without putting yourself in too great danger. We introduces you to a few places where this works particularly well.

Remember that these are examples. Outriders offers numerous options for farming loot and world levels. So here it also depends on your preferences and your own approach.

In this guide we have selected a particularly simple and early available method for you, but also one that will be unlocked later in the game during the campaign and should be a bit more difficult.

Chapter 2 - Main Mission: “Reach the other bank of the river”

Select the story point “Reach the other river bank” in Chapter 2, which will lead you to First City. In the course of this section you will encounter numerous enemies that are easy to kill.

You will not encounter strong elite or boss opponents who make the whole thing difficult for you. So slaughter your way through the hordes until you get to the end and then start all over again.


  • Loads of enemies that are easy to kill
  • No difficult elite or boss opponents
  • Available early in the game


  • Since there are no elite opponents, this position does not bring you a lot of loot.

Forest Enclave - Side Mission: “Hunter and the Hunted”

You will find the side mission in the forest, not far from an intermediate camp “crystal camp”. Like all other missions, this one can be repeated if you have already completed it.

Compared to the previous method, the level of difficulty is higher here. You will encounter several waves of opponents, including boss fights.

This makes this method lucrative not only in terms of leveling the world level, you should also make some useful finds in terms of loot.


  • More lucrative through the boss fight if you also want to farm loot on the side.
  • Efficient way to level up the world stage and equip yourself at the same time


  • Higher level of difficulty

Hunting missions

Hunting missions are generally one of the best source of loot before the end game. This also applies to experience points.

Some are quite easy to complete, the rewards are pretty good with epic items. There is even a trick to speed up farming.

If you play a hunting mission and end up killing the beast, you shouldn't complete the mission properly. Instead, return to the point at which you accepted the mission and cancel the mission. Now you just start it again and the game starts all over again.

Which hunting mission is best? In the course of the story you will come to the quarry. There you will find the hunting mission “Bigjaw” at the camp “Gate to the outpost”. Here you have almost no walking paths.

But there is still an easier way. Have you killed everything, return to the lobby. This has the same effect, but there is a catch: in order to level up in the world, you have to leave combat. But if you return to the lobby, that won't happen. So you can't climb up, your EXP bar just stays filled.

So the best way is a combination of both. As long as you still have to collect experience points, you will return to the lobby after killing the beast. As soon as your EXP bar is full, you complete the mission as written above.

What do you think of the methods? Do you have any other methods for farming the world levels? Please write us in the comments.

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