Farming Black Desert silver - this is the best way to farm in 2021


Farming Black Desert silver - this is the best way to farm in 2021

The currency silver plays an important role in the MMORPG Black Desert . You need them to buy items from vendors or in the marketplace and to repair your equipment. We will tell you the best way to get silver in 2021.

What is this guide about? We would like to introduce you to various methods with which you can farm silver in the Black Desert quickly and effectively. We try to give you as varied a job as possible and at the same time give you an estimate of how much silver you can earn per hour.

Where do the farm methods and numbers come from? The farm methods have been tried out by ourselves as best we can, although our equipment has not yet been sufficient for the grind in Starfall. The numbers are based on mean values ​​from those found on YouTube and on reddit, as well as your own experience. The information in silver per hour should therefore not be viewed as fixed, but rather serve as a guide to how well each method works.

Use a farm

How do you use a farm? A farm can be set up very easily by borrowing a “fence” from an appropriate NPC and setting it up anywhere. Then you can grow all kinds of plants there and earn money with them.

In concrete terms, this means that you visit your farm about 3 to 4 times a day and spend a few minutes there to harvest.

How do you make money? You need a lot of preparatory work, because the cheapest items on a farm bring in little silver:

  • You need the rank “Expert 1” (Artisan 1) for cultivation in order to cultivate the particularly valuable plants. To do this, it makes sense to work with boosts and the right equipment (farmer's clothing)
  • You need at least 130 contribution points for the work to be worthwhile
  • You have to borrow strong fences from the merchant Flaviano in Heidel (is on the market square). You can then place these in the world, preferably near the city of Velia, because the conditions are best there
  • You need at least 10 workers, who you can then assign to the fields and corresponding dwellings
  • The best thing to do is to use your own character who will stay on the fields forever.

If you meet these requirements, you will plant one of the following blue seeds for the greatest profit:

  • Special dry mane grass seeds
  • Special wheat seeds

If you have done this, the plants must be grown (F5) and not harvested (R). When you grow, you get seeds back and from Expert 1 you have the chance to get golden seeds (magic dry mane grass seeds). These cannot be bought or sold in the marketplace, which is what makes them so interesting and valuable.

You then plant these golden seeds in turn and grow them again. You will get 1 to 2 golden seeds back. You will also get fruits and some by-products, including Mysterious Seed (100,000 silver). You can sell the by-products and additional golden seeds at NPCs. A golden dry mane grass seed has a value of 344,200 silver value.

How much do you earn? Depending on how often you harvest, around 20 to 40 million silver per day come around. However, you only have to invest about 30 minutes over the day, for example in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening.

If you also have a high cooking skill, you can partially process the by-products and earn up to 60 million silver.

With your own farm you can earn a lot of money in Black Desert.


What is grinding? Grinding is basically about killing opponents as quickly and effectively as possible and using their loot to earn silver. This method is very repetitive, but at the same time lucrative, at least if you grind at the right “spots”.

How do you make money? Above all, you earn from 4 aspects:

  • Silver that you get directly from mobs
  • Trash loot that goes to the dealer
  • General loot like black stones that you sell in the marketplace
  • Special equipment that you sell in the marketplace
The general loot and the special equipment often make up a large part of the profit. However, since these are dropped randomly, the statements regarding the silver earned per hour fluctuate. However, there are some overviews in which people farmed for weeks and then averaged them.

Where can a lot of money be made? There is often a lot of discussion in the community. For players with low and medium equipment, the following are recommended:

  • Polly's Forest - 160 to 170 AK and yields around 70 to 90 million silver per hour
  • Blood Wolf Settlement - 190+ AK and yields around 100 million silver per hour
  • Forest Ronaros - 220+ AK and yields around 100 to 120 million silver per hour
  • Manshaum Forest - 220+ AK and yields about 120 million silver per hour

In the endgame, Starfall (260+ AK) and Sycraia Underwater Ruins (270+ AK) are particularly suitable. Here you can make between 200 and 300 million silver, depending on the luck of dropping special items. However, you will also meet many other players here, some of whom would like to duel over grind spots.

Dark cracks

What's this? Dark rifts are little bosses that appear only for you. They appear all over the world and can only be seen by you. When you reach the appropriate location on the map, you can fight this boss.

How much money can you make? Depending on your equipment and the associated difficulty of the bosses, between 10 and allegedly up to 200 million silver per hour are possible. It is particularly important whether you can manage the "very difficult" bosses on your own and how long it takes you.

It is useful, however, that the bosses do not immediately regenerate life points. So after death you can revive yourself with potions on the spot and keep beating the boss.


What's this? There are 3 types of scrolls in Black Desert that you can farm yourself or buy in the marketplace:

  • Ancient Relic Crystal Shards
  • Forbidden book
  • Scroll in the ancient language

You need 5 of these items each and then have to sort them in the inventory according to the description. Make sure that you uncheck “Sort inventory automatically”.

If you activate this item now, you have to run to a certain place. There you fight against a boss. Depending on the scroll and your own equipment, it is a good idea to do the quests together with other players. With medium equipment (170 AK) at least the crystal splinters and the forbidden book go alone without any problems.

How much money can you make? That is very different. Depending on which scrolls you are using, whether you have farmed them yourself and are out with many players. About 15 to 70 million silver per hour are possible.

Unlike the grind, however, you are on the road with other players here and you even have to be careful in the boss fights due to the mechanics.

AFK fishing

What's this? The absolute classic way of earning gold in Black Desert is fishing without actively playing.

What do you need for that? Basically just one fishing rod and time. However, it only becomes really lucrative if you have a rod with high endurance and ideally the right level in fishing, as well as equipment suitable for anglers.

How Much Can You Earn? Depending on how high your fishing level is, you can earn 5 to 30 million silver per 8 hours - roughly in one night. The great thing is that you can be completely AFK for this method. Your character will catch the fish all by itself. However, make sure there is enough inventory space.

One of the best places to fish is the beach in Velia. Here you will also meet many AFK anglers at night.

Fishing is one of the classic pursuits in Black Desert.

How do you make your money in Black Desert? Do you have any other tips and tricks that we should include in the guide? Then please let us know in the comments.

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