Fortnite: All Neymar Jr Challenges of Season 6


Fortnite: All Neymar Jr Challenges of Season 6

To get the various Neymar cosmetics in Fortnite , you have to complete a series of new challenges. Are you ready to take over the field and face the new challenges of the game?

What kind of challenges and cosmetics are these? All variants and accessories of the secret S6 skin are accessible at once - the skin was previously presented by Fortnite . Neymar Jr.'s outfit, as well as other cosmetic items, can be obtained by completing some very specific challenges related to the world of football.

Players will therefore be flocking to the challenges these days, especially since some items are unlocked by completing a very large number of epic quests.

Neymar Jr's duties

These tasks await you:

  • Talk to a character involved in soccer (1)
  • Complete 3 football-related character challenges (3)
  • Complete 5 football-related character quests (5)
  • Shoot a soccer ball 500 meters while disguised as Neymar Jr (500)
  • Score a goal with the soccer toy while equipping Neymar Jr's outfit (1)
  • Eliminate three opponents as Neymar Jr. (3)
  • Complete epic level challenges (45)
  • Complete Epic Level Challenges (49)
  • Complete Epic Level Challenges (52)
  • Complete Epic Level Challenges (56)
  • Complete Epic Level Challenges (60)

Neymar Jr's Assignments Rewards - in order

You will get these Neymar rewards after completing the tasks:

  • Complete 1 challenge: soccer toys and a Neymar Jr banner
  • Complete 2 challenges: Matador loading screen
  • Complete 3 Challenges: Neymar Jr Skin
  • Complete 4 challenges: Joia Trophy Back Accessory
  • Complete 5 challenges: Jaguar Claw Pickaxe
  • Complete 6 challenges: Shhhhh emote
  • Complete 7 challenges: Hang Glider “I'm Ready!”
  • Successful in 8 challenges: Emote “Stealth shot”
  • Complete 9 challenges: Shaka Celebration Emote
  • Complete 10 challenges: Hang Glider “Acrobatic Wings”
  • Complete 11 challenges: friendly match style for the Neymar Jr. outfit, jaguar claw pickaxe and acrobatics hang glider

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