GTA Online is giving you a sports car right now - but hurry up


GTA Online is giving you a sports car right now - but hurry up

In GTA Online , the event week changes every Thursday. In the next 7 days you can use it to secure a car for free and earn another one with the wheel of fortune.

That's what's going on in the game right now: A new event week is running in GTA Online. This brings you the sports car Tropos Rallye from Lampadati for free. It usually costs 816,000 GTA dollars.

There will also be in the course of the event:

  • Free jock cranley suits
  • A new car on the podium
  • Additional bonuses for GTA $ in certain activities

Get the free sports car

This is how you get the Lampadati Tropos Rallye: The free car can be claimed by any player who logs in during the event time. You have to do the following:

  • Visit "Travel and Transport"
  • Select the dealer “Southern San Andreas Super Autos”
  • There you can find the car on sale for $ 0
You have time until Wednesday, April 14, 2021. In addition, the tuning continues to cost money afterwards.

Get the free sports car

What is the car good for? The Lampadati Tropos Rallye is a two-door and belongs to the sports car. Compared to other models, it is rather mediocre.

Its potential does not necessarily lie on pure asphalt routes, but is more suitable for off-road routes due to its very precise handling. It's not an absolute highlight, but it's still fun. This is also confirmed by the players in reddit:

  • Swordwizzard1011 writes: “I've been waiting for an offer for this car for a long time. Now that's even better that I can get it for $ 0. "
  • Classic-Display-4321 also uses it as a rally car: “I bought one a long time ago and went full rally style with it. If I get another one now, I might use a street build for it. "
  • AvengerAssembled is really happy with the Tropos Rally: “Great little car. I have a lot of fun. "

The Tropos Rallye, however, has a slight tendency to oversteer. You should keep this in mind if you want to set off with the car.

What's new in GTA 5 Online?

That has changed on the podium: together with the event week, the podium in the casino has also changed. As a reward, the Blista Kanjo is now waiting for you. You get it when you land on the car field while spinning the wheel of fortune.

The Kanjo actually has a purchase price of 580,000 GTA dollars. With a little luck you will get it now for free Players have found a method that  supposedly always wins the casino podium.

What's new in GTA 5 Online?

Where can I get bonus rewards?

  • 3x GTA $ and RP in Free Mode Challenges
  • 3x GTA $ and RP in chases
  • 2x GTA $ and RP in transformation races
There are also some discounts again, including:

  • 40% discount on the HVY Insurgent
  • 40% discount on the HVY Insurgent pick-up
  • 40% discount on the Lampadati Casco
  • 40% discount on the Obey Omni
  • 30% discount on the Grotti Cheetah Classic
  • 30% discount on the Vapid Winky
  • 40% discount on various high-end apartments
  • 50% off Mk-II weapon upgrades and conversions
  • Discounts with Prime Gaming: 80% discount on the Annis Savestra, 40% on the Maibatsu Manchez Scout motorcycle and 35% on the Vapid Slamtruck

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