GTA Online: Why you should visit the casino every day now


GTA Online: Why you should visit the casino every day now

There is a fast car on the podium in GTA Online that you can win. We'll give you tips on how to win and explain why the RE-7B is so good.

What's going on in GTA Online? On April 22nd, a new Bonus Week started in GTA Online and activated new cash bonuses and rewards. At the same time, the podium vehicle that is located in the casino was changed. The new car that will be turning in circles over the next few days is the RE-7B.

If you don't have it in the garage yet, you can secure the car now for free. You save a whopping 2,475,000 GTA dollars. We'll show you what makes the car so good.

What Makes the RE-7B So Good?

This is what the car can do: The Annis RE-7B is a two-door super sports car that offers space for two people. He's been part of GTA Online since the big Cunning Stunts update was released in 2016. Visually, it is based on racing cars such as the Nissan R390 GT1, the Mazda 787B or the Aquila CR1.

Its above-average top speed makes it a real beast on racetracks when there are many straights on the slopes. In addition, there is strong acceleration, which offers you important advantages over other super sports cars after cornering or at the start.

The RE-7B is a favorite even on long, drawn-out corners. In terms of lap times, the RE-7B is among the top 15 fastest cars in GTA Online.

What Makes the RE-7B So Good?

It has these weaknesses: Tight and slow corners are not suitable for the RE-7B. Since he cannot play to his sophisticated aerodynamics and clearly loses to the competition. In addition, the car is built very light, which ensures little traction.

So use the RE-7B especially in races that get by with few corners and rely more on top speed.

So you have a good chance of winning the podium car

You can do that: If you visit the casino in GTA Online now, you will find the RE-7B in the main room on the podium. Only a few meters away is the wheel of fortune, which offers exactly one single field that promises to win the podium vehicle.

You can spin the wheel of fortune for free once a day. There are no more opportunities, not even for money. So it's worth visiting the casino every day so you can call this hot sports car your own and save $ 2.5 million in the process.

So you have a good chance of winning the podium car

You still have the chances of winning the RE-7B as a prize on the wheel of fortune until April 28th. A new bonus week will start on April 29th, which will then put another car on the podium.

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