How to create your own sticker packs for Telegram


How to create your own sticker packs for Telegram

The stickers came to WhatsApp years ago but long before they were already on Telegram. They are a kind of big emojis and we can use them for all the themes that come to mind by downloading the ones we see and making them our own. But you can also create stickers in Telegram to get customization.

You can create Telegram stickers with anything you want: images that you look for on the Internet of your favorite characters, sticker packs with photos of your friends, sticker packs with photos and images of your pets ... You will have to follow a series of steps that we are going to to explain: get the image, prepare it, upload all the stickers, give it a name and add it to the app.

Telegram allows you to upload or create stickers from the mobile application or from the computer, from the desktop app or from Telegram Web. You do not need to install anything "extra" on your mobile or on your PC to create the stickers, but it allows you to do it from the app itself and through a specialized bot. We recommend that you do it from the computer since this way you will be able to modify the images in a simpler way and with more tools available than on the mobile phone.

We are going to explain step by step what we must do to create stickers in Telegram. You can create as many thematic packs as you want and search for them in your conversations, share them with your friends ...

Get images with transparent background

The first thing to do is look for images with a transparent background or use your own photos if you later want to use Photoshop's "background remover". But searching for them directly with a transparent background on Google will save us time and achieve a much more professional effect.

To do this, go to Google Images and write what you want. Once the results come out, you can tap on "Tools" to customize the search. Here you will see different filters: Size, color, rights of use, type and date. Touch on the second of them "Color" and in the drop-down check the option "Transparent". Once you do, you will see all the images that you can use as a Telegram sticker with the previously cut background. Download the one you want on your computer or all the ones you want. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until you have all the downloaded images that you are going to convert into stickers.

Or remove the background

If you have not followed the previous step and have directly downloaded a transparent image, you will have to remove the background. This will be in case you are going to use a photograph of yourself or if you want to create stickers in Telegram with your face, your cat's, your dog's ... In that case, upload the photograph to Photoshop and tap on the “Eraser of funds ”to achieve the desired effect.

You will have to select what you want on the screen with the selector, the magnetic lasso or the magic wand and use the background eraser to make it eliminate completely and you only have what you want. Once the background is removed, you can follow the following steps and save the image with the correct dimensions and with the corresponding format.

If you don't have any tools with which you feel capable of removing the background, you can do so with the Remove Image Background website . You can upload the image you want, any photograph that you have taken or downloaded from Google, and it will automatically remove the background. When it is deleted, you can download the photo to follow the next steps to create stickers in Telegram. It is a simple option and you will save yourself cropping and silhouetting any photograph if you do not handle Photoshop correctly or do not want to take so long to do the whole process.

Prepare the image

To create stickers in Telegram through the bot that we will explain below, you will need the images you upload to have complete characteristics:

  • Transparent background
  • PNG format
  • Minimum 512 x 512 pixel dimensions
  • No more than 512 Kb in weight

You can use Photoshop and mark the dimensions 512 x 512 when saving image. You will get the result immediately. Also other editors that you have on hand allow resizing.

To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  • Upload the image to Photoshop
  • Tap on the crop button
  • Choose the dimensions 512 x 512 pixels
  • Click on "Save as ..."
  • Choose the file location
  • Choose the format: PNG
  • It will be automatically saved to your computer

"Summon" the bot on Telegram

When you have the images ready, you will have to go to Telegram to summon the sticker bot and upload the images. You just have to go to the application, open the contact search engine and write "Stickers". You can also open it from the Stickers bot link if you are going to do it from your computer. A conversation will open with the bot dedicated to stickers and will allow you to create new packs, delete existing ones, etc.

  • / newpack - create a new sticker pack
  • / newmasks - create a new skin pack
  • / newanimated - create a pack of animated stickers
  • / addsticker - add a sticker to an existing pack
  • / editsticker - change emojis or coordinates
  • / ordersticker - reorder stickers in a pack
  • / setpackicon - set a sticker pack icon
  • / delsticker - remove a sticker from an existing pack
  • / delpack - remove a pack
  • / stats - get stats for a sticker
  • / top - get popular stickers
  • / packstats - get statistics for a pack of stickers
  • / packtop - get popular sticker packs
  • / topbypack - get popular stickers in one pack
  • / packusagetop - get usage statistics for your packs
  • / cancel - cancel the current operation

You will have to follow the steps and instructions that it indicates. We will start activating it with / start and then we will have to write / newpack to create a new pack of stickers with the images that you have downloaded in previous steps and as you can see in the screenshot attached to this post. You can use any of the previous commands to do one action or another.

Attach the images

When you have followed and given the instructions to the Telegram bot, you will have to send the image file that you want to convert into a sticker. As we say, it must be in PNG format with a transparent background and it must fit into a 512 px box on one side and 512 px on the other that we have previously adjusted.

Once you have it, you will have to attach the different images to Telegram using the corresponding bot. Simply attach the photo as in any other normal conversation in the application. But keep in mind that you must attach the photo as a file and not as an image. That is, send it as an attachment on Telegram and not as a photo so that it does not lose quality as a sticker. To do this, just tap on the clip in the application and choose "file" instead of "gallery . " From here choose the photo and add it to the conversation.

Every time you upload a sticker, you will have to send an emoji related to the first sticker. You can include several although Telegram recommends you not to use more than two emojis for each of the stickers. You can add new stickers to the pack until you finish including all the images that you want to be in the same pack.

Use or share

Once you're done, just type the / publish command and choose a short name that will be appended to the package name. The name must not be previously registered so we will have to be minimally original. Once the package is ready, tap on "Add stickers" to upload them to your own collection of the messaging app. You can also use the link that the bot gives you to share it with friends or other users.

When you have followed all the previous steps, as you can see in the different screenshots, you can use the sticker pack in any conversation with friends or in public or private group conversations . You can add as many packs as you want by following this process.

Use third-party apps

There are applications with which we will be able to have stickers designed by ourselves, such as Sticker Maker Studio . This is an app to have photo stickers. We can create the collections that we want, but taking into account that in each collection the maximum number of stickers is thirty. To work with Sticker Maker Studio , all we have to do is create a new package, the 30 blank boxes will automatically be created and all we have to do is, by clicking on each box, select a photo that we have, cut it our taste so that so it begins to be part of the thirty that we can do and then take advantage of those stickers on Telegram.

Another application that we can use is that is present for both Android and iOS . We can create all the personalized stickers we want, in addition to using some of the thousands that are already preconfigured. It is very easy to work with it, since all we have to do is create a sticker pack, choose the photo we want from the ones we have on our mobile, edit it to our liking and then simply export it. Nothing simpler than that and we will have what we were looking for.

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