How to make money (gold) fast in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. How to properly use fraud to make money


How to make money (gold) fast in Evil Genius 2

AT Evil Genius 2: World Domination the player will need a huge amount of gold to realize his plan to dominate the world. Scheme is the key to making a significant fortune in the game, but there are a few things the player must take into account in order not to attract too much attention from the Forces of Justice. In this guide, we are going to detail the quickest way to make money in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

How to make money (gold) fast in Evil Genius 2

How to make money (gold) fast in Evil Genius 2

First of all, the player needs to launch machinations on the global operations map in order to earn a significant amount of money. A casino can be a good cover, but the best source of gold is various shenanigans. They range from bank robberies to stealing cancer drugs and other lucrative atrocities. They come in different types and levels, so it all depends on the rank of the player's criminal network in the area.

To use fraud, you need to create a criminal network in a certain area. This will require first scouting the region. This action requires 1 point of Broadcast Strength, which can be obtained by creating Radio Repeaters. Each such device built on the base provides the player with 1 signal strength. It is worth considering that when disassembling the control centers, the player will lose the previously obtained point, which will lead to the termination of the current fraud.

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There is a Research section on the global map, which provides an opportunity for certain resources to improve existing machinations. This will modernize criminal networks to exploit more lucrative machinations in the targeted area.

Another important parameter is "Attention" (Heat), which is generated by each installed criminal network. It needs to be kept low in order to earn as much gold as possible after successfully completing the shenanigans. This is very important, since each mission only allows you to earn a certain amount of gold with the help of a small number of workers. For example, if a fraud indicates a profit of 50,000 coins, and its time takes 20 minutes, then with a low level of attention, the player will easily receive the due money.

How to make money (gold) fast in Evil Genius 2

There are also shorter frauds, but with lower payouts, so to get a large amount of money at once, it is recommended to run several long-term missions at the same time in order to maximize the number of coins at the end of tasks in a specific period of time.

It is very important that the attention of the authorities does not rise to the maximum level in criminal cells, otherwise the player will have to use more minions than are currently available. That is why it is necessary to control the process of increasing attention, but do not forget about research and the simultaneous use of various criminal networks. If it is possible to successfully balance the use of factions and stabilize the current situation on the global map, then the player's vaults will be full of gold bars, and higher-paying machinations will become available to criminal cells on the global map.

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