Konami presents Pitch Clash, its new soccer game for Android devices


Konami presents Pitch Clash, its new soccer game for Android devices

Pitch Clash is officially licensed by top-level football teams, such as Bayern Munich or Manchester United.

We know that you miss Konami , and without a doubt talking about the Japanese company is doing it about the legendary soccer saga, Pro Evolution Soccer. And, to everyone's surprise, they have just announced Pitch Clash , a new strategy and football title for Android devices.

As we have already told you before, Konami Digital is focused on the mobile games market , and this time it has decided to expand to the West with this new football title. Pitch Clash offers us a proposal that mixes management through touch controls with real-time actions during matches.

Along with the announcement, Konami has released an early access version of Pitch Clash that you can now download for free on the Google Play Store , although it will only be available until April 20 . It has simple mechanics and is tremendously fun, so we encourage you to give it a try.

This limited beta of Pitch Clash has the official licenses of two major European clubs, such as Bayern Munich and Manchester United , although Konami has already explained that the final game will have other licenses, such as FC Barcelona or Juventus.

Konami presents Pitch Clash, its new soccer game for Android devices

Pitch Clash works with player cards (something like FIFA Ultimate Team), and we can improve each card, its attributes, parameters and other aspects. Straddling PES and Football Manager, this title will be officially licensed by up to 10,000 real players , from Europe and South America. We leave you with the data revealed by its official file:

Dive into an exciting new genre of soccer strategy

  • Choose and play a game easily, anywhere and anytime
  • Enjoy attractive images and very easy game rules
  • Experience the thrill of making key decisions in matches and at crucial moments in the game
  • Test your tactical skills against friends and rivals from around the world
  • Enjoy a dynamic game based on the classic live broadcasts of football matches
  • Collect your Player Cards to create the team of your dreams
  • Use stickers to communicate with other players during matches
  • Enjoy more than 10,000 player licenses from the most popular clubs worldwide

Pitch Clash has different game modes, both solo and multiplayer . In this way, it will be possible to face our friends and other users from all over the world, customizing our teams and using different tactics to obtain victory.

At the moment, you can download the early access version of Pitch Clash until next April 20 ; The final game release date is unknown. It is available for Android devices.

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