Marvel shows Spider-Man as a toxic lover in his latest comic


Marvel shows Spider-Man as a toxic lover in his latest comic

The latest issue of the Spider-Man comics isn't quite as good a boyfriend as it might seem. 

If there has been a great love story in Marvel comics, known to all, that is undoubtedly the one that Spider-Man shares with Mary Jane Watson, or well, the one that Spider-Man shares with Gwen Stacey, who was his first love ... Two women who are a fundamental part of Peter Parker's life and who would be very difficult to choose one, even for Peter himself...

This has been demonstrated by the new story published in the Marvel comics , What If… Spider-Man Intervened For The Scarlet Witch , in which Peter Parker completely loses his mind when he has to choose between the two women in his life. 

In this story, Peter happily lives his relationship with Mary Jane, but suddenly an obstacle appears that he finds difficult to overcome, the Gwen Stacey with whom Spider-Man created a family during the events of House of M appears and does not come alone, but They are also accompanied by their common son, Richie. Although Peter tries to combine his two lives, staying with MJ and seeing his son whenever possible, Mary Jane's doubts and the love Peter still has for Gwen make him lose his mind. 

Faced with this dilemma, Peter turns back into his personality as the Green Goblin from House of M and kidnaps MJ taking her to the top of a building where he holds her with his cobwebs to a wall, where he confesses that he was really happy in the reality that he lived with Gwen but that his responsibility towards his relationship with MJ had made him stay with her. So to get rid of this responsibility he was going to end his life. 

When Peter launches his Green Goblin speeder to finish off MJ, his consciousness returns to him and realizing what he was going to do he takes the lead, ending his own life, but before dying, Spider-Man confesses to Mary Jane that he will always love her ... proving that Peter Parker's heart will always be divided and this can cause a lot of damage to his mental health. 

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