New Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay leaks on PC and consoles


New Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay leaks on PC and consoles

Rainbow Six Quarantine (or Parasite, its title is still provisional) will immerse us in intense battles against zombies and other creatures.

One of the most successful titles on the PS4, Xbox One and PC online scene is Rainbow Six Siege, which continues to release new content six years after its launch, such as the Jill Valentine skin . And speaking of zombies, we are waiting for their new installment, Rainbow Six Quarantine, to be released.

While deciding its final title ( it will be neither Quarantine nor Parasite ) and its release date, a new five-minute gameplay of this new installment has been leaked . A few weeks ago an in-game capture and a small gameplay were revealed , but hours later the video was removed.

This Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay reveals new details of its gameplay, which will be based on what we saw in Rainbow Six Siege, but will add a new interface, greater variety of situations and tons of action (and terror) . Yellow and black will be the main colors of this sequel, which will feature new weapons, items, and gadgets.

As you already know, Rainbow Six Quarantine will be a PvE shooter , so cooperation will be vital to survive the waves of zombies and creatures that will attack us. There will be no battles between human players, or at least for the moment it is not in Ubisoft's plans (as it happens in Outriders).

The gameplay allows us to take a look at the playable mechanics of Rainbow Six Quarantine. In the lower left corner we will see the members of our squad , while in the upper part the objectives, the time of the game and the progression of each mission are indicated. Everything will be infused with a '' viewfinder '' look, as in REC movies, for example.

At the moment we do not know when Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released , although Ubisoft placed it alongside Far Cry 6 in the period between April and September. However, a release close to the month of October (due to the Halloween celebration) is not ruled out .

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