NieR Replicant: Grimoire Noir - How to Defeat Him

 These are our tips for defeating Grimoire Noir, one of the NieR Replicant bosses. May no Shadow, no matter how great, can defeat you with our help.

NieR Replicant: Grimoire Noir - How to Defeat Him

Throughout the history of NieR Replicant you will come across various bosses that will prevent you from advancing. Here we will help you defeat them all. In this case, these are our tips and strategies to defeat Grimoire Noir , the boss of the Battle of the Village .

Grimoire Noir: tips and strategies to defeat him

  • During the first phase, you cannot harm him . You should focus on removing Shadows . If you try to attack Noir, he will just pull away.
  • Once you have eliminated enough Shadows, it will be possible to damage Grimoire Noir .
  • The enemy will move on and make pages appear around him, like Rubrum . Keep attacking until you see a critical hit circle . By breaking it, you will regain a magic .
  • The combat will develop in the same way : you deal damage, when you reach level X damage, a critical hit circle appears, you break it and you recover a magic.
  • Do not worry about leaving the enemy dead before recovering all your magic , the game will not allow the combat to end, the circles will simply appear constantly.
  • Once you have recovered all your magic, Noir will become invulnerable with a shield.
  • Be careful because debris will be falling from the ceiling during the entire final part of the fight.
  • You must limit yourself to attack the shield or wait for it to disappear , to attack the book until it is eliminated. Do not forget that Grimoire Noir, like Rubrum, will reflect the magic you cast at him , he uses only physical attacks to finish him off.

Remember that this is just one of the many bosses in the game. Check out our complete guide if you have trouble defeating any of them.

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