NieR Replicant: Grimoire Rubrum - How to Defeat Him

 These are our tips for defeating Grimoire Rubrum, one of the NieR Replicant bosses. May no Shadow, no matter how great, can defeat you with our help.

NieR Replicant: Grimoire Rubrum - How to Defeat Him

Throughout the history of NieR Replicant you will come across various bosses that will prevent you from advancing. Here we will help you defeat them all. In this case, these are our tips and strategies to defeat Grimoire Rubrum , the head of the Mansion .

Grimoire Rubrum: tips and strategies to defeat him

  • You should keep in mind that Rubrum is, for most of the time, immune to magic .
  • When surrounded by red pages, fire magic to break them . You won't hurt the book, but you will get the leaves out of the way.
  • If you get close to the leaves, you will take damage .
  • When there are no pages, use physical attacks against Grimoire Rubrum to deal damage to him. At this time you will not do any harm to him if you cast magic.
  • There will come a point where the critical hit circle will appear , attack until you see a sequence.
  • Now you will see that it surrounds itself with a magical shield . You won't be able to do any damage to him, so just attack until you see another sequence.
  • In this third phase you will be able to destroy his magic shield: cast your own magic to break it sooner .
  • Once you have taken down the shield, you can use physical attacks to damage Grimoire Rubrum. Remember that the book itself is immune to magic , don't bother to keep casting spells when the shield has fallen.
  • Rubrum will raise the shield again , repeat the process until the critical hit circle appears again . Attack and this time you will be able to finish the fight.

Remember that this is just one of the many bosses in the game. Check out our complete guide if you have trouble defeating any of them.

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