NieR Replicant: Halua - How to Defeat Her

 These are our tips for defeating Halua, one of the NieR Replicant bosses. May no Shadow, no matter how great, can defeat you with our help.

NieR Replicant: Halua - How to Defeat Her

Throughout the history of NieR Replicant you will come across various bosses that will prevent you from advancing. Here we will help you defeat them all. In this case, these are our tips and strategies to defeat Halua , the basement boss of the mansion .

Halua: tips and strategies to defeat her

  • To begin with, you should keep in mind that Halua is completely immune to physical attacks , so you can only use magic.
  • We recommend that you use Dark Spear and Dark Blast . If you use the Lance, always charge to the maximum to do as much damage as you can.
  • With this in mind, don't worry about how the boss looks - he's a lot less dangerous than he sounds .
  • It will be dedicated to launching magical projectiles that will not cost you to dodge or destroy with your own magic or physical attacks, although you can also simply block them.
  • What you should be careful with is the attack that he will use when he is quite far away , because it is his most dangerous attack. As soon as you see him lunge for you, try to dodge to the side.
  • If you always stay away from her and around the edge of the stage , you will have all the ballots to dodge her attacks even inadvertently.
  • There will come a point where he climbs one of the walls , don't worry, you keep casting your magic until he falls to the ground.
  • When it is very low on life, it will perch and launch an immense wave of projectiles . If you go to one of the margins of the stage, you can avoid them without much trouble, but watch out for the trajectory of magic.
  • As always, when you see the critical strike circle, launch your most powerful attacks to end the fight.

Remember that this is just one of the many bosses in the game. Check out our complete guide if you have trouble defeating any of them.

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