NieR Replicant: Jack of Hearts - How to Defeat It

 These are our tips for defeating Jack of Hearts, one of NieR Replicant's bosses. May no Shadow, no matter how great, can defeat you with our help.

NieR Replicant: Jack of Hearts - How to Defeat It

Throughout the history of NieR Replicant you will come across various bosses that will prevent you from advancing. Here we will help you defeat them all. In this case, these are our tips and strategies to defeat Jack of Hearts , the boss of the Battle of the Village .

Jack of hearts: tips and strategies to defeat him

  • This combat is divided into several phases , like so many others. Shadows will appear for most of the fight, so be sure to eliminate them when they get in the way.
  • During the first one, you must cast magic and wait for the boss to hit the ground with a fist .
  • Avoid the shock wave and use your weapon against the fist , you will do a lot of damage.
  • Repeat until you see a circle of critical hit , attack to complete it and see a sequence.
  • Now the boss will advance down the street , eliminate the Shadows and get on the wall to attack directly at the head. Again, the boss will just punch with his fist , creating a shock wave that you must avoid.
  • When you have completed another critical strike circle , you will see another sequence and the monster will head towards the library .
  • Now you must hit his feet until he breaks another critical hit circle .
  • The last phase begins : attack with everything you have, don't worry about not seeing sequences when completing critical hit circles .
  • When the boss is near the library, another circle will appear , complete it to do another special attack and immediately after, hit again to fill the last critical point and complete the fight.

Remember that this is just one of the many bosses in the game. Check out our complete guide if you have trouble defeating any of them.

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