NieR Replicant Secret Ending E and How to Watch It

 NieR Replicant brings a new ending in its new remastered version. We tell you what you must do to see Final E, without any spoiler.

NieR Replicant Secret Ending E and How to Watch It

NieR Replicant brings us the final four of the original game. However, since we now know that the world of NieR is huge , in this remaster it has been decided to add a completely new ending . Seeing it has a series of very specific requirements and it is almost impossible for you to come across it by chance . Here we will tell you how to see the secret Final E .

How to watch NieR Replicant's Secret Ending E

In order to see Secret Ending E , the first requirement is to make the game delete your game . In order to do this, you must:

  • See the Final A .
  • See Final B .
  • Collect all weapons to see the Final C and Final D .
  • Remember that the Final D culminates with the absolute deletion of your game , make a backup if you do not want to lose everything.
  • After the game deletes your game with Final D , you have to start a new game, with a different name than the deleted game . Remember, new game, it is not worth rescuing the backup , the game will know.
  • Now you have to advance naturally, until the second fight against the giant Shadow in the Eagle's Nest , the boss that you face with Kainé.
  • After this combat, the story will change and you will enter the Final E route .
  • Once inside the route, you only have to advance until you reach the end of the story, which will be a couple of hours of play from the point where you are.
The story is different once you enter the Final E route , and we do not want to give you any details about what will happen during these hours. Just enjoy it and remember, try not to say anything to anyone so that everything remains a real surprise.

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