PS5: How to change WebM video format to MP4?


PS5: How to change WebM video format to MP4?

The PS5 allows you to easily record gameplay material with the push of a button . So you can capture your best video game moments at any time and share your experience with family or friends later. Simple sharing in the social network is possible and the PS5's create feature also offers many other options for fans of digital creation.

But the whole thing has a small catch . The new Sony console regularly records in a certain video format . So if you record gameplay and want to edit it a little more before sharing it with friends, followers or other instances, this is not easily possible.

The cause lies in the .webm file format , which Sony regards as the best quality and the smallest in terms of quantity. That is why the programmers at Sony have preset it by default.

What is the .webm file type?

The .webm or WebM video format is a specific file format for video and audio data that was developed with the premise of ensuring the smallest possible and best quality output for the mobile Internet using the HTML5 standard .

It is more efficient than the MP4 format basically and was to compete with the .mp4 developed. It requires less memory and does not rely on the common standard codec H.264 , but on the video codecs VP8 and VP9 (from Google). This is particularly valuable when recording 4K files, as the data is significantly larger than Full HD files and memory space can be saved in the WebM format.

Common video editing programs such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere cannot use this format. So this means that you cannot load and edit your gameplay in your editing program again afterwards. And that's a problem especially for creators.

How can I change the file format from WebM to MP4 on PS5?

If you press the Create button and start your recording, you can record so much gameplay until your internal or external hard drive is glowing. If you don't want to go without the MP4 format , there is a very simple way to change the format on the PS5.

You change the presetting on your PlayStation 5 and you can see the exact way to get there here:

  1. Start your PS5 console
  2. Log in with your user profile
  3. Click on the "Settings" tab
  4. Jump to the "Recordings and transmissions" tab
  5. Then it goes on with "recordings"
  6. Then press "Video clip format" and select the file type MP4
  7. From now on the PS5 will save all videos in .mp4

Important : In order to record the perfect video, you should also make sure that you have deactivated “Include micro audio” and “Transmit party audio” . You can also configure the manual recording resolution in the video clip format . A resolution of 1920 x 1080 is recommended , which is still completely sufficient as a common standard, for example for YouTube videos.

To then record the game scenes , all you have to do is press the Create button and "start new recording" . You can also use the “Save last game story” selection to save the scenes you just experienced.

When you have finished the recording, you can now be sure that it has been saved in the correct MP4 format, which you can later edit on the PC, e.g. for YouTube.

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