Resident Evil 7 Game Time: How Many Game Hours Does RE7 Require?


Resident Evil 7 Game Time: How Many Game Hours Does RE7 Require?

Capcom horror title Resident Evil 7 was released on January 24th for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC. In May 2018, the game will finally be released for the hybrid console Nintendo Switch . Very tough gamers can also experience RE7 from a very special perspective thanks to VR mode for the PlayStation VR.

How many hours does Resident Evil 7 last?

In "Resident Evil 7" you are mainly in the house of the Baker family and its immediate surroundings. In general, the total playing time that you need for one round can be specified as around 10 to 15 hours . However, the final playing time depends heavily on your individual style of play. In addition, the choice of the level of difficulty affects how long you will have to do. Since there are also some puzzles in "Resident Evil 7", the game time can be stretched a little in some places.

If you want to read all the notes and secure a decisive advantage in the fight against your opponents through hidden ammunition and other extras, you should allow for one or the other additional hours.

Veterans who have already successfully completed a few rounds can even finish the horror title in under four hours , for which there is even a suitable trophy.

You gamble "Resident Evil 7" in VR mode , it may well be that you need a little longer. After all, you have to come to terms with a completely new perspective and adapted controls.

How much playing time do the DLCs for Resident Evil 7 need?

Once you have finished the main game, you can start with the two paid DLCs for "Resident Evil 7", which will give you additional playing time. "End of Zoe" and "Not a Hero" each offer you an additional 60 to 120 minutes of playing time, depending on how you play.

What is Resident Evil 7 about?

In "Resident Evil 7" you control the character named Ethan Winters , completely unknown in the franchise , who goes in search of his missing wife Mia in the fictional city of Dulvey, Louisiana. In the rotting house of the Baker family , he comes across a mysterious videotape that hides the coming calamity. The Baker family of Jack, Marguerite, Lucas, Zoe and Eveline Baker is surrounded by a dark secret. And so it is up to Ethan to solve this secret in "Resident Evil 7" ( official website ).

Ethan Winters is also the protagonist in Resident Evil 8 Village , which will be released on May 7, 2021. Details of the plot have not yet been released, but according to an industry insider, Capom has created RE7, RE8 and "Resident Evil 9" as a trilogy with a cohesive story. Only in the case of later offshoots will the publisher and developer dispense with numbering and only design self-contained narrative threads.

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