Resident Evil 7: Locations of all 20 bobble heads of Mr. Everywhere and rewards


Resident Evil 7: Locations of all 20 bobble heads of Mr. Everywhere and rewards

Capcom has hidden 7 different collectibles and collectibles in Resident Evil . In addition to the ancient coins, you can also look for a total of 20 bobble heads from Mr. Everywhere. Unlike the coins, however, you have to destroy the bobble-head dolls with a knife or a firearm. Later there are even some figures that can only be killed with a firearm, as you cannot reach them with a knife.

Note: The 20 Mr. Everywhere characters are shared over several rounds of the game. Therefore you do not have to destroy them like the coins in one pass. In addition, it does not matter what level of difficulty you play. The number and positions remain the same each time.

Resident Evil 7: What reward will I get if I destroy all 20 bobbleheads?

If you have destroyed all 20 wobbly figures in "Resident Evil 7", you will receive various rewards that you can use in a second round. In this way, you can make life much easier for yourself in the madhouse, for example, with the highest level of difficulty .

There are these bonuses:

  • Running shoes / walking shoes for Ethan to increase the speed of movement when walking.
  • The Essence of Defense: Ethan takes less damage when blocked if the book is in the inventory. In combination with The Secret of Defense (you get by playing "Resident Evil 7" on any difficulty level) the effect is amplified.
Especially with the second reward, a second pass on the madhouse difficulty level is worthwhile, as this makes it easier.

The wobbly figures are sometimes well hidden and sometimes very easy to spot.

You unlock these trophies by destroying the wobbly figures

If you have found a single figure on the PS4 and PS5, you will receive the bronze trophy "He is here and there and everywhere" . If you destroy all 20 bobble dolls, the silver trophy "Mr. Nowhere more ” .

  1. You will find the first bobble head right at the beginning in the main building. Walk down the hall to the large door to the main hall. You won't get through here until later. The little figure stands on the right side of the double door. If you are in the vicinity you should already be able to hear a corresponding noise.
  2. The second bobble head is in the washroom after you have left the basement through the hatch in the floor. You will find Mr. Everywhere right under the dictation machine .
  3. The bobble head number 3 is waiting for you in the main hall. After unlocking the double doors, turn directly to the left. The little wobbly figure stands on a small side table.
  4. The fourth bobblehead  in “Resident Evil 7” is hidden in the leisure room on the first floor right next to the fourth antique coin .
  5. When you have solved the projector puzzle in the entrance hall, you will get through the crack in the wall into the hunting parlor with a stuffed deer and other trophies. To the right of the door, for which you need the crow key, there is another little Mr. Everywhere .
  6. Now go into the cellar all the way back to the processing area of ​​the slaughterhouse. There is another staircase here that leads further down. The snake door is still locked, but Mr. Everywhere number 6 is in front of the door on the right-hand side next to the bucket.
  7. The 7th bobble head is pretty easier to find. As soon as you can enter the courtyard, run to the caravan. Behind the first wooden step is the little wobbly man.
  8. Bobblehead number 8 in "Resident Evil 7" is in the old house that is guarded by Maguerite. Enter the balcony behind the room with the shadow puzzle. To the left is a safe room where Mr. Everywhere number 8 is hiding from you.
  9. If you have destroyed the insect nests in the old house with the flamethrower, you can crawl through the old chimney. Right in front of the stairs is the 9th wobbly figure behind a wooden pallet.
  10. For the 10th bobble head you jump through the ruined ground in the old house and keep your eyes peeled for a red lawnmower. Go straight on for a few more meters and then turn left to the metal shelf. Right on top is the next figure.
  11. Mr. Everywhere number 11 in "Resident Evil 7" is waiting for you in the old house. Open the door to the upper floor with the crow key. Near the scales with the lantern puzzle, the figure stands next to a stand with three candles.
  12. If you have the snake key you can unlock Lucas' nursery and lower the ladder to the attic. The 12th bobble head is waiting for you halfway up the ladder.
  13. The 13th bobble head is in the middle of the barn on the pillar of the fence.
  14. If you survived the birthday party and left the safe room, all you have to do is turn around after you have gone through the door. M r. Everywhere number 14 is written above the door frame.
  15. On the way to meet Mia and Zoe at the boathouse, turn right on the jetty and walk to a small hut. The 15th bobble head lies under a fishing net .
  16. On the shipwreck you walk on level 4F, the top floor, into the corridor opposite the captain's cabin. You come to a staircase that is locked. The 16th wobbly figure stands next to the stairs behind the railing.
  17. Behind the cabin rooms on the shipwreck there is a small room that leads to the second floor. Opposite the ladder is bobble head number 17 .
  18. When you have left the ship in "Resident Evil 7", you get through a small swamp into a hut with a storage room. Climb out of the water and look at the windowsill behind you. On it stands the 18th bobble head in the form of Mr. Everywhere.
  19. In the salt mine, turn left in front of the stairs that lead into the laboratory area. In front of the two tons, the penultimate bobble head rises up in front of you.
  20. Now all you have to do is find the last bobble head. This is located in the basement of the guest house, which you enter through the salt mines, on a shelf.

Congratulations, you've destroyed all of the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads! 

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