Resident Evil 7: These are the locations of all 18 coins


Resident Evil 7: These are the locations of all 18 coins

In Resident Evil 7 you can go in search of various collectibles such as ancient coins . A total of 18 ancient coins can be found in the game on the Easy and Normal difficulty level . The coins can be used to exchange them for various items in the caravan in the yard.

How can I open the bird cages in Resident Evil 7?

There are three bird cages by the caravan that can be opened with coins. If you do not open the cages at this point, you will have the last opportunity after the ship in the small storage hut in front of the salt mine.

You can unlock these advantages with the coins.

  • 3 ancient coins: steroids (heal you completely and permanently increase maximum health)
  • 5 ancient coins: stabilizer (permanently increases the reload speed)
  • 9 ancient coins: Revolver .44 Magnum

What do I need the dirty coin from the demo for?

If you have already played the demo for "Resident Evil 7" in advance and solved all the puzzles, you will receive a dirty coin as a reward . This can be transferred to the main game and serves as an additional coin for the cages . But if you collect all 18 coins anyway, the dirty coin has no further value for you.

Resident Evil 7: Locations of all 18 ancient coins - tips and tricks

It is important to note that all ancient coins in "Resident Evil 7" can be missed. So if you reach certain locations in the game, you can no longer return to previous areas to collect coins that you missed. In addition, there are no chapters, which is why you have to collect all the coins in one playthrough. In the game statistics you can always see how many coins you have already found.

To open this drawer you have to find a lockpick beforehand.

By taking psychotonic , the locations of all items are briefly shown to you.

  1. The first antique coin can be found in the kitchen drawer during the first video sequence. Before you enter the house, be sure to find the first lockpick in the game to open the locked drawer for Ethan in the kitchen. This is where the coin is located.
  2. The second coin be found after you have unlocked with the key, the hatch to the cellar. Move a few meters further and you will find her lying on a red lawn mower.
  3. When you arrive in the main hall, turn directly to the left and walk to the end of the room. You can receive the third coin in the drawer of a dresser .
  4. The fourth coin is hidden in the leisure room on the first floor right next to the Mr. Everywhere figure.
  5. Go from the recreation room to the bathroom and grab the fifth coin in the toilet bowl.
  6. If you have successfully solved the puzzle with the projector in the entrance hall, you will get to the back of the main house. Go to the room south of the surveillance room and find the ashtray on the table. The sixth coin lies on it .
  7. The 7th coin can be found in the basement in the room south of the crematorium with the many cages. You will notice a wall with a hole to the left of the shelf. In it you will find the collector's item you are looking for.
  8. The eighth coin is in a pot in the courtyard in front of the stairs to the main house.
  9. The ninth coin can be found not far from the spot in the caravan right next to the cage on the table.
  10. In the old house in the living room you will find coin number 10 . But first you need the flamethrower to destroy the insect nests. On the left side in the corridor to the basement you will finally find the coin.
  11. If you have lowered the bridge with the crank, you get access to a small hut to the left of the water pump station. Inside is coin number 11 on the toilet flush.
  12. Also in the old house you open the door with the crow key to get into the anteroom. The 12th ancient coin is in the open drawer on the right.
  13. On the test site you can find the 13th coin in the small room with the many bombs.
  14. If you have left the barn and can find out the combination for the party room, lower the stairs to the party room. To the right of the console is a small shelf where you can find coin number 14 .
  15. The 15th coin is on the shipwreck. First jump down the hatch, follow the passage to the left, right and right again. At the very end, the coin is in the corner.
  16. If you have climbed over a corpse, look for the 16th coin on the flooded floor on your left , which is stuck in the mud next to the yellow ladder.
  17. The penultimate coin is in the control room, the door of which you previously opened with the etchant. Look around for an orange tool box. You need a lock pick to open it.
  18. The last ancient coin in "Resident Evil 7" is also hidden on the shipwreck. Go through the engine room and the corridor behind it to a small closet. Use the caustic to open the safe.

Congratulations, you've found all 18 ancient coins in Resident Evil 7 . For this achievement you will receive the silver trophy  pelicans in your pants.

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