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Returnal Walkthrough - Boss Tactics & Game Tips


Returnal Walkthrough - Boss Tactics & Game Tips

New exclusive for PlayStation 5 called Returnal will immerse players in the fantastic atmosphere of the films Prometheus and Edge of Tomorrow. In this article, we will describe the full walkthrough and all the important points of the long-awaited AAA project.

The roguelike genre in which Returnal is created is highly specific. Its distinctive features are regular deaths and lack of conservation. Both are present in the game. Returnal is also very hardcore. Despite its modest duration, you can spend dozens of hours without making it past the first level. It is also important to know that after each death the sequence of "rooms" on the level changes. That is why it is impossible for the game to compose a walkthrough in its classical understanding - it will be different for everyone. However, there are a number of points that do not change with deaths. We will talk about them.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins

The game begins with a cut-scene in which Selena, our main character, flies to an unexplored planet shrouded in a strange fog. Lightning strikes the ship and the explorer is wrecked.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Where to find the keys to locked doors

You find yourself in the jungle. Despite the fact that each level in the game is quite large, it is divided into separate "rooms", clearly delineated by gates of different shapes on the map. You can easily find the first ones near the crash site.

The game has a very convenient map, where all the ways of entering and exiting the “room” are shown at once, as well as first aid kits and useful items.

Please note that some doors will require special "Atropos keys". You can find them in various places on the level, so you will definitely have to examine each "room" very carefully and return to the passed zones. The same keys can be used for locked chests. Sometimes the keys will be corrupted and upon picking them up, Selena will receive negative effects. On the map, locked doors will differ from open ones. Considering regular re-runs and estimates, this will save you research time.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to upgrade weapons

In the beginning, you will find a small tutorial where you will learn the basic mechanics of the game.

The first thing you find is a pistol. This is the main weapon, but far from the only one. The heroine can only carry one cannon with her, so change weapons must be approached responsibly. However, it is rather difficult to understand in advance what and how it shoots - you have to try. In addition to a pistol, at the first location you can find an assault rifle and a shotgun, but they will appear much later.

You cannot upgrade weapons, but there is a concept of qualification in the game. Qualification is a measure of your fighting skills. It increases after each kill, in addition, it, or the speed of its filling can be increased by various items (most often calibrators). The qualification determines the minimum level of the weapon you find. Like everything else, it is completely reset when a new cycle begins.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to upgrade weapons

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why scan and dash

Since you are still on an unfamiliar planet, everything you find is alien. Therefore, each item of Selena, first of all, will be scanned with a special device. The computer on her hand will remember the properties of this or that artifact and will automatically prompt you with useful information in the future. All found items, records and enemies can be re-examined in the data warehouse. Moreover, over time, the amount of information on already studied objects increases.

Next, they will tell you how to dash. Dash is similar to dodge from other games, but much more functional. Thanks to the dash, you will not only be able to jump to hard-to-reach places, but also avoid damage. If you use the skill towards the energy balls that monsters usually hit, you will slip through them, which is very convenient. It is also a basic combat survival tactic.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. What does death affect

At the end of the prologue, you have to face an aggressive alien creature that will kill you very quickly. This is where they will tell you about the mechanics of deaths.

After each respawn, you lose almost everything. There is no pumping in the game, only special minerals are foolish, which can be found at the level or picked up after killing enemies. They must be exchanged for artifacts or consumables. All this after death is also canceled.

The only currency that is saved is ether, but it is not so easy to find it, and it is given out only 2-3 units at a time. Ether is used to buy one artifact at the beginning of the cycle, or to buy a “second attempt” at death, as well as to clean items from corruption.

There are only a few items that stay with you throughout the game. While the full list is not known, but we have already found some: a pistol, a sword, a teleporter and a grappling hook.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to defeat ordinary monsters

Your main goal is to track the White Shadow signal. Of course, they don't explain what it is.

Moving around the map, you quickly explore the entire bestiary of the location. Monsters, unlike levels, remain unchanged and tied to a specific room.

All enemies are conventionally divided into three large groups:

  • terrestrial;
  • flying;
  • turrets.

Regardless of the level, you, one way or another, will fight with one of these types of enemies. If in each room there are always the same opponents, then at different levels they can differ significantly. That is why it is quite difficult to develop some kind of unified victorious tactics, except for constant jerks.

Often you will be able to use the environment - the energy balls of the enemies do not go through the walls. In addition, in the overgrown ruins, monsters almost never move from "room" to "room". If you feel that you cannot cope, try to retreat to an already cleared location, of course, if the gate is not blocked.

Some monsters are protected by red shields. They can only be broken with a sword.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why do I need a first person view

Sometimes, at the beginning of the cycle, you will play in the first person. This does not provide any special features. If you wake up inside the ship, you can see your statistics or start a training test. As a result, the road is still the same - out.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why do I need a first person view

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why do you need an alternative fire

As you explore you will find the "Atropos Charger" - adds an alternate fire mode. Every weapon has alternate fire, and with its help you can inflict significant damage even from a pistol. There are many types of alternative fire. Before you decide which one is right for you, you have to experiment. But even after you decide, you won't be able to choose on your own. The only option is that the appropriate weapon will drop a suitable alternate fire.

Moving on, you will find yourself in a tomb with a sarcophagus. It will contain your first alien weapon. This moment is scripted, so you will find a submachine gun or a shotgun regardless of the build of your card.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why do you need an alternative fire

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Intelligence Journal and Alien Finds

Sometimes you will find the corpses of your previous versions. They can be used to pick up intelligence magazines. In them, Selena writes down her thoughts - this helps to better reveal the heroine, who, by coincidence, has no one to talk to in a hostile world. The more often you die, the more copies of your own you will find. The game has an online component, but so far it does not work and its exact purpose is unknown.

As you progress, you will also find various alien devices and archives, the essence of which is not always obvious. The most useful and at the same time available to their devices is the fabricator, which creates random or previously known items in exchange for dupes. You will surely stumble upon these in every cycle. From the archives you will learn a little about the history of the aliens. What happened to them is one of the plot intrigues.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Intelligence Journal and Alien Finds

As you travel, you will also learn the alien language - cognitives. Some rooms have obelisks with inscriptions. By scanning them, you will gradually be able to translate the text. Also, hieroglyphs on the walls will help in this process. They flicker red and are marked as useful items on the minimap.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to enable fast travel

At some point, you will discover a bluish alien sphere. It will become clear that you cannot manage it yet. This is not a problem, just move on to the main goal.

The main target will be conveniently displayed on the map with an orange marker. Moving to the mark, you will find an update for the spacesuit - "Hermes transmitter". It will be possible to teleport through special translocators and move to previously inaccessible areas through the already known bluish spheres. Fast travel points are automatically activated when you pass by.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Environment

Some rooms will not only have laser traps, but also a dangerous surface. At the beginning of the game, you cannot swim and step on the ground covered with a red unknown substance.

As a rule, the environment does not harm you, except for the already mentioned examples. The exception is living vines hanging from the ceilings, which can grab the heroine. You cannot destroy them, so the only way is to break free and bypass.

You can also come across ominous purple eggs. Despite their dangerous appearance, they can be easily smashed with a shot or simply with their feet - no harm will be done. Inside you can find something useful - a first aid kit or a parasite.

During the course of the story, you will encounter a red wall of energy that prevents you from passing. The main task is to solve this problem. Moving towards the main goal, you will be taken to the exit from the location. This is a portal, and you need to find the "crimson key" to activate it. You will also receive a sword there. This is another item, along with a pistol and a teleporter, that will stay with you regardless of the cycle.

Now you have completely opened all the important items in the first level and can study it almost completely. It will still be impossible to get into some zones, but it will not be possible to solve this problem at the first location.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Environment

In one of the rooms you will see an ordinary residential building. You won't be able to go in there right away - you need a key. The key is obtained as you progress. You don't have to search for it again.

In the house, you will once again play in the first person. You can interact with some items from Selena's earthly life. At some point, the heroine will see through the window an astronaut watching her. The woman will feel bad, and she will wake up outside the walls of the house. The mysterious astronaut is directly related to Selena, but how exactly is not yet clear.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why are parasites needed? What is glitch

Somewhere at this point in the level study, you will find the first parasite. These creatures do not attack, they give permanent positive and negative effects at the same time. Each negative effect is called a malfunction, and if there are too many of them, critical errors will begin to occur in the spacesuit, which will even lead to the destruction of the found items or a significant decrease in health. On the contrary, positive effects can increase the damage done or enable automatic repair of the spacesuit at a low level of durability. There are a lot of effects, and they significantly change the gameplay, especially when there are enough of them. From a complex game, Returnal can become almost impassable, and vice versa, drastically simplified. Unfortunately, this cannot be calculated in advance. You are either lucky or not.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. Why are parasites needed? What is glitch

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. What is spoilage

The resources you find may be tainted. Corruption also leads to crashes, but not always. Unlike parasites, sometimes a corrupted item can be picked up without penalties. To remove negative effects, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions - to kill the required number of enemies, or to use keys - the conditions are always different.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to beat Freka

After obtaining the sword and visiting the house, your only task will be to find the crimson key. It is located at the boss - Freaks. Frica is cognitive, like the rest of the dead aliens. Why she is alive and attacks the heroine is not explained.

There are no special tactics for dealing with the boss. Just like ordinary monsters, she shoots energy balls into Selena, from which you need to dodge with all your might. To make it easier for yourself, stay at a sufficient distance from it and use the machine.

Act 1. Overgrown ruins. How to beat Freka

Freka will sometimes shoot homing projectiles or a laser beam, but dash will also help you from them. The most dangerous boss attack is a dash followed by a punch. She uses it immediately after a laser beam or launching a laser wave across an area.

Do not forget that the boss has three stages, at each of which he begins to attack more and more actively. The best tactic is to stay away and move in circles, keeping the boss roughly centered.

After the victory, you will receive a key and the opportunity to get to the second level.

Act 1. The Crimson Wastes

Immediately after spawning in the desert, you will receive an artifact that expands the number of consumables to two.

Before you is a huge open map, very different from the chamber jungle of the first level. Do not forget that in case of death, you will appear at the very beginning - that is, you will have to get to the second location through the jungle again, although Freak can no longer be killed.

Act 1. Crimson Wastes. How to defeat enemies

Don't be fooled by open spaces. The second zone is again divided into "rooms", albeit without an obvious gate. The bestiary will also change - there will be significantly more flying opponents, each of which poses a serious threat. The power of attacks has increased, but the speed of opponents has slightly slowed down. Remember that you won't be able to hide behind the gates, as in the first location - the enemies can chase you, since there are no obstacles in the air for them. Try to use the environment. As in the jungle, monster projectiles do not go through walls. Keep in mind that even familiar turrets will shoot differently, so be very careful.

As before, your main target is the White Shadow signal. The path leads to the large building ahead.

Once inside, you will encounter another aggressive cognition. Now they will be ordinary opponents.

Act 1. Crimson Wastes. How to defeat enemies

There are no new permanent items in the location. Collect hieroglyphs for language learning, artifacts and other consumables to your liking.

If you do die, which is likely to happen, you will have a home available in the jungle again.

Once inside, you can examine several entries. Then you will hear a knock on the door - this is an already familiar astronaut. When Selena opens it to him, there will be no one on the doorstep. Return to the room, the furnishings there will change a little. Explore all the new items, after which there will be a small cut-scene and the heroine will again wake up outside the house.

Act 1. Crimson Wastes. How to defeat Ixion

At the top of the building in the Crimson Wastes, the second boss, Ixion, will be waiting for you. This is a flying enemy, so when attacking, he will constantly move around the map. Just like Freak, he has three stages.

The main attack is a volley of energy balls, but their trajectory will constantly change. After each volley, Ixion moves. If you hold out long enough, you can memorize the sequence of his attacks. Sometimes the boss will still attack from the ground, releasing energy waves across the area. The only way to survive is to dodge in time. As the stages change, the number of energy balls increases. To win, it is advisable to find a reviving artifact. This will help to continue the fight if you suddenly make a mistake in the third stage.

After the victory, you will receive a grappling hook, which will open up a lot of new places in both the Overgrown Ruins and the Crimson Wastes.