Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise: how to get the rarest and tricks for fusions


Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise: how to get the rarest and tricks for fusions

We give you all the keys so that you can get the rarest talismans in Monster Hunter Rise, so that you have great abilities for your character.

In this guide we are going to talk to you about the talismans in Monster Hunter Rise , focusing on getting the rarest ones and also some tips for you to make the best fusions, explaining the modes we have and some talismans that we have found very interesting.

It could be said that the talismans, once equipped, will give us different bonuses or improvement of skills or parameters in the character, and there are dozens and dozens of them, most of them appear randomly in all those fusions that we carry out in the inventory. .

The important thing so that we can get talismans is to have the maxi melter unlocked, something that you will have available through the merchants when you have reached the high rank of the character.

Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise: how to get the rarest and tricks for fusions

As we said before, in order to get talismans we must have the maxifusioner disabled among the options offered by the merchants. Once you have the high rank you will see it unlocked.

Upon entering the max-melter option, we will have options such as reflective puddle fusion, mist fusion, lunar arc fusion, mysterious blade fusion and rebirth fusion , each requiring a series of monetary units.

The first three named as the reflective pool, the mist and the lunar arc require that we choose an ability, and then give it a necessary amount of materials that you have in the inventory so that it creates the talisman for you. It should be clarified that we will have approximately only 10% of the previously chosen ability appearing in some of the talismans, so chance has to do with a lot.

For the rest of the two mergers it is something different and instead they will require us to invest a series of talismans that we already have unlocked from the first mergers to be able to do so.

When it comes to delivering the different materials to create the first fusions, we recommend that you never offer rare materials and only get rid of those that you think are common or that you can get very easily in your games.

For the last two fusions such as mysterious blade or rebirth they are for the talismans that you have taken with the first procedures, and obviously wanting to get rid of those that you consider are very common or that are not going to be worth anything in the game.

Obviously to get rare talismans you must use the fusion of rebirth , and deliver some talismans of at least five rarity that have come out in the first options, and with this you will get combined talismans that could offer you very wide rarities and with very good abilities for your character.

There are dozens of talismans to get, and some of the rare ones that have appeared to us are the following:

  • Thundering Talisman
  • Stormy Talisman
  • Hurricane Talisman
  • Torrential Talisman

As many talismans can come out depending on what you previously choose to try to give it a distinctive touch. 

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