This is the best PKM class for Warzone


This is the best PKM class for Warzone

We offer you the configuration that is working best for the Warzone PKM, and it will surprise you for your next game.

Although light machine guns are not usually the most popular in Call of Duty Warzone, the truth is that they can get us out of some trouble, especially if we are surrounded by enemies. And is that if you are looking for something with a faster rate of fire, you are going to have to go for the machine guns.

Although on other occasions we have talked about the Bruen or Stoner, now we are going to focus on the PKM, since we have found a configuration that is working quite well for us right now, and that adapts to the latest changes made with Season 2.

So we are going to offer you the best configuration for the PKM for Call of Duty Warzone , with the accessories that we usually include in the games, and then many other advantages that we also usually carry.

This is the best PKM class for Warzone

As is usual in all these articles, we are talking about configurations that you can change to your liking, since our way of playing is not the same as yours, and therefore some of our advice may not exactly coincide with what you know best. to do in the games.

This is the best PKM class for Warzone

Be that as it may, this is the best configuration, in our opinion, for the PKM:

  • Monolithic silencer
  • 68.3 cm amplified barrel
  • Tactical laser
  • Look x3 VLK
  • Quick grip

There is no mystery about the silencer , since for this type of weapon they are always essential. With the extended barrel of 68.3 cm we increase the muzzle velocity and range, stabilizing all our shots.

With regard to the tactical laser, it helps us improve precision when aiming with the sight, and the x3 VLK sight is ideal for long distances and thus have a better aim. And with the quick grip we control the recoil better.

  • For secondary weapons then use whatever you consider appropriate, preferably some type of pistol or shotgun.
  • As advantages: sapper, refueling and amplified
  • In lethal we always usually carry a proximity mine
  • And in tactical factor a stun grenade

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