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Twitch streamer Pokimane seems amazed at how many users she has already banned


Twitch streamer Pokimane seems amazed at how many users she has already banned

Pokimane is currently the most successful Twitch streamer in the world. However, she clearly shows in current streams that this is not all positive - and is surprised at how many users are banned from her chat.

This is Pokimane: Imane “Pokimane” Anys is currently at the top of the list of the biggest Twitch streamers worldwide with over 7 million followers . She streams games such as “Among Us”, but is also on the move in Just Chatting.

She is one of the most famous personalities on Twitch. Pokimane is now so successful that they even introduced a limit on viewer donations .

However, the success also comes with its downsides: In the meantime, the streamer sometimes shows in streams what kind of messages she received from users in the chat who were then banned. She watches these messages live and then decides whether to revoke the ban or leave it in place. And in the course of one of these streams, she briefly touched on the topic of ban numbers.

User bans already high, bots even more blatant

This is what the numbers look like: During one of these streams, in which she shows the sometimes rather unpleasant news, she emphasizes that only the people can be seen here who ask to be unbanned again. You have no idea how many people will be banned in the first place.

Then she asks her mods if they could quickly provide a number of how many people were banned from their chat. They come immediately:

  • On the day of the stream, 250 accounts were banned
  • Real users would total around 350,000 bans
  • The number of bots banned exceeded ten million

When the streamer hears the number “350,000” herself, she asks in astonishment: “There are no bots there yet? that's crazy". When the information comes that apparently over 10 million bots are banned in her chat, she only comments: “What? Seriously ... what? Wow." Then she moves on to the next messages.

Even before the numbers were discussed in the stream, Pokimane spoke about the content of the messages she shows in the Unban streams. She explained, "The only way to deal with this is to laugh at it."

The fact that everyday life as a successful Twitch streamer is not always easy has been shown in connection with Pokimane: In the summer of 2020, for example, she took a break from Twitch because she met so much hatred.