Very crazy things that nobody remembers from the first episode of The Simpsons


Very crazy things that nobody remembers from the first episode of The Simpsons

How many times have you seen the first episode of The Simpsons? Today we go over some crazy details from the first episode of the series that has been on the air for 32 years.

Not long ago we learned that The Simpsons had renewed for two more seasons, so the series created by Matt Groening will run until at least season 34 . All this despite the fact that many fans feel that the series lost its way many years ago and lives on the rents of its golden age.

Today we propose a trip to the past, to December 17, 1989 , when The Simpsons, after seeing the light on The Tracey Ullman Show , became an animated series in their own right and premiered their first episode: Without White Christmas. Not all series can boast of opening with a Christmas episode, and The Simpsons came close to not doing so.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Today at Hobby Consoles we review some very crazy details from the first episode of The Simpsons that few fans remember today .

Production settings

The date on which The Simpsons debuted on television was decisive for Sin Blanca Navidad to be the episode that would become The Simpsons 1x01 forever. Originally the first episode of the series was going to be The Babysitter Strikes Again , but it would become the thirty-third episode of The Simpsons after suffering some animation problems.

The readjustment pushed the episode that was scheduled for Christmas Eve forward, along with the entire scheme for season 1 of The Simpsons. Without White Christmas it would go down in history as the first episode of The Simpsons with Homer more "bald" than a level 1 character willing to save Christmas from the Simpson family at all costs.

Production settings

Naturally, part of this episode order decision can be seen in the series' noticeable change in animation in the broadcast of The Babysitter Strikes Again , which seems to recede rather than improve.

Character changes

There are several characters from The Simpsons that appear in No White Christmas with a different appearance than they will later. The tavern of Moe and self Moe Szyslak maintain a different appearance to which we have more internalized over the years. Ralph Wiggum also has a different style than what we have in mind.

Although without a doubt the most notable change is found in Barney Gumble . Homer's friend is blonde in Sin Blanca Navidad, with hair the same color as his skin. The Simpsons team ended up deciding that only members of the Simpson family could have hair the same color as their skin, referring to Bart, Lisa and Maggie , of course.

Character changes

This decision caused that in later episodes Barney's look was modified to become the patron of Moe's Tavern that we all remember and love.

There is no intro that is worth

Another thing that any fan of The Simpsons will notice in Sin Blanca Navidad is that it lacks the iconic intro of the series. Over the years we have been able to see countless versions of the opening of The Simpsons , longer, shorter, with different gags, and even some episode has also been allowed to omit it almost completely to adjust to the times of the FOX grid.

However, in the first episode of The Simpsons there was simply no intro. It wasn't until the second episode that Matt Groening concluded that including an opening sequence meant there was less time to animate in the series. In addition, different versions would be created later to suit the final duration of the episode. But Without White Christmas I would never get an intro.

Christmas a la Matt Groening

In the episode we see a fragment of the Christmas performance of the Springfield Elementary School , where the second graders ( Lisa Simpson's class ), represent different versions of Santa Claus from all over the world. This fragment is inspired by the youth experience of Matt Groening, who did a work on Christmas in Russia (his grandmother was Russian).

In addition, Groening himself discredited the theories that pointed to him as the creator of the version of White Christmas that Bart Simpson plays within seconds of starting the episode.

It has rained a lot since those days when The Simpsons took its first steps. The series has adapted to the new times, for better and for worse, but we will never lose sight of that December 17th when Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie invited us to spend Christmas with them.

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