Walkthrough Oddworld: Soulstorm - game guide


Walkthrough Oddworld: Soulstorm - game guide

A detailed guide to complete all levels of the game, find each mudokon and get the best ending for Oddworld: Soulstorm

In this guide, you will find a complete walkthrough of the new part of Oddworld.

To control the game, tips for the gamepad are given. Therefore, let's take a closer look:

  • Movement - A and D
  • Jump - "Space"
  • Duck down or stand up to full height - C
  • Run - CAPS LOCK (hold)
  • Sneak - SHIFT
  • Open Weapon Wheel - Q
  • Interact with anything - E
  • Throw something - hold down RMB, aim with the mouse and click on LMB

To skip in-game videos, hold down the ENTER key. But it doesn't work for all cutscenes. Also in the game settings you can increase or decrease the difficulty (by default - "Medium").

Oddworld: Soulstorm endings

And right away about the endings, since this is very important. There are 17 levels in the game in total. And on each you have to save mudokons. The total number of mudokons in the level is shown in the pause menu (press ESC). Don't worry, you don't have to run after every mudokon out of two or three hundred. Instead, at certain points in the chapter, you need to protect them from sligs. Kill slig or perform some other action. A mudokon counter always appears at the top right. Depending on how many mudokons you manage to save during the game, you will see one of the four endings of the game:

  • Ending 1 - You save 80% at six levels or less (very bad)
  • Ending 2 - you save 80% of the mudokons at levels 7-11 (bad)
  • Ending 3 - you will save 80% of the mudokons at 12 levels or higher (good ending, levels 16 and 17 open)
  • Ending 4 - You save 80% of the mudokons at 17 levels - Best Ending
For example, at the first level, you will automatically save all mudokons, and already at the second (and further) you will have to attach certain reinforced ones. On the example of the second level - to capture the minds of the slig and not let the others shoot at the mudokons climbing up. There will be 200 mudokons in total on the second level. For this level to be considered successful, it is essential that at least 160 of them survive. If something goes wrong, especially in the second step, press ESC and select "Restart Checkpoint". This way you will avoid replaying the entire level.

At other levels there will be a small number of mudokons. For example, in the third, he is alone. But the difficulty is that it will certainly be well hidden from you. In addition, if you go through the levels again to find mudokons, after doing this, be sure to complete the entire mission. Otherwise, progress will not be saved!

Skirmish at Monsaic

Run forward, climbing the ledges and walls. In the end, you will need to roll through a narrow opening (click on C). Next, you must search the three pitchers to collect the water pitchers and select them from the weapon wheel (Q). Throw them into the fire on the right to extinguish it. Continue moving, after the next checkpoint you will be told about double jumps. When jumping to the right, take your time as stones will fall. There is a luminous point at the top. There are 11 of these in this location, and each is used to increase health. Double jump to collect the first royal jelly.

Keep driving. Linger in some places. Royal jelly is usually hidden somewhere underneath. You should hide behind walls from shells. Please note that stone walls collapse over time. To jump down from the ledge, click on the S if you are hanging on it. Go down below and break the boxes to get an explosive cocktail. Throw it into the grass on the right, next to the fire, to burn the obstacle in front.

Keep driving. It will be necessary to climb using lifts. Interact with them with E, and also control W and S. In one of the places it can be difficult to know where to go next. But every time there is a ledge nearby. In one case, he will be high on the left (you have to snuggle up to the corner on the upper right), so use a double jump to reach him.


At the very beginning of the location, you will learn a new technique. Hold F to meditate and move the Chi Orb towards the castle on the left. This will open the first door. Open the second one in the same way. A little further you will learn about stealthy movement. Hold the left Shift to move silently around the location. Use this technique so that no one can hear you. Approach the edge and go downstairs holding S. You can rob a sleeping enemy. When the lower enemy leaves to the right, go downstairs and go left.

Light the fire from below, use the chi sphere to activate the lock. By opening the door, you will be able to burn the enemy. You can kill some enemies at the next location with fire. At the bottom there is an enemy guarding royal jelly. If the enemy on the left is standing and looking at the cliff, you will have to distract him. Just sound the alarm.

In the next part of the level, you will learn that you can capture sligs through meditation. And this will greatly simplify the passage of levels with many enemies. After losing his grip, the slig will lose consciousness. You can also detonate it if you hold down the F key. Grab the slig and pull the lever, then send the sphere to the chi lock. Above the next enemy will be a beacon that prevents the use of meditation. Therefore, the lower enemy must be burned. Kill the next enemies already with the capture.

Next, you will learn about mines. They emit one short and one long beep. During a long signal, the mine turns green. At this moment, disarm it by clicking on E. You can also grab enemies and push them onto mines. It's simple. If you wish, kill the enemies from below, and take the milk from the secret area. And so jump over and climb up. In the background, you will see the first mudokon to be rescued.

Kill all enemies in front. You will have to defuse two mines, make your way to the left, and from there you can capture all the targets. After destroying them, activate the chi lock in the distance, next to the mudokons. Move on. Set the first two enemies on fire. Grab the enemy from below and blow it up when it moves away from the beacon. Set the lower one on fire. Activate the chi lock, climb the ledges above the mines and enter the cave. Search the locker on the left to get the first stun mine. Search all the lockers in this cave to get mines. Throw them at the feet of your enemies. This is the only way to get rid of them. Activate the lever and walk left. These enemies will also give you the first duct tape. If you have a ribbon, then Abe will be able to bind stunned enemies. Don't worry, you will find a new tape when you search a tied enemy (almost always).

Another remarkable point. If you have planted a mine and there is an enemy next to it, just run towards it. As a result of the explosion, not Abe will suffer, but the enemy standing nearby.

With the key and enemies neutralized, get out of the cave. Pass the following enemies. You will need to pull the lever yourself to then guide the chi sphere to the lock. Walk across the bridge using the rolls and hide from snipers. Enter the new passage to be at the back. Here you need to save the mudokons. Activate the chi lock, climb up and wait. Mudokons climb up. Your task is to capture the mind of the slig and kill other opponents before they have time to shoot at the mudokons. It is important for you to save at least 80% at each level in order to get the best ending of the game. Repeat the steps just above. Capture an enemy with a rocket launcher and try to kill the rest before they start firing at the mudokons. The main thing for you is to save at least 160 mudokons at this level. Be guided by the counter in the upper right corner of the screen.


Move to the left, avoiding the red rays from the sniper weapons. A little further, it may not be clear how to do this, but your task is to make sure that Abe does not touch any of the bold points on these rays. The first enemies must be neutralized with stun mines. Then you can use meditation and mind capture. Then the bombardment will begin. Deal with three enemies from above and stun the enemy near the lever using a mine. Pull the lever, go down and go left. You don't have to save anyone at this level. Continue with the same steps. Put out the fire where necessary. Also throw mines, capture opponents if possible and hide from falling shells. In the end, you will escape the location.

In addition, one mudokon is hidden at the location. And you need to save him. But for this he will have to be found. You are interested in a secret door that is open for a limited period of time. In the second location with several enemies, the grass will light up at the bottom left (after the location where you activate the lever). Put out this herb and run away from it to the right. So you go down to the door. In this case, the door is open only for 2-3 minutes from the beginning of the level. If you come later, it will be locked. We'll have to start over. Once outside the door, use meditation and move the chi sphere to the glowing dots on the left. This will create a portal and the mudokon will be able to escape.

Move to the funicular and you will find the first mudokon. He will tell you about the recipe. There are two more mudokons in the same location. They are all waiting for the antidote. Go to the mine on the right. Move through the dark mine and collect two ingredients (red and blue). Be sure to search your lockers. When you find an elevator below, it will need to be refueled with gasoline. To do this, look up and jump onto the ledges. Jump to the right onto the royal jelly ledge. Next to him is a canister of a gas fat. Refuel the elevator and go upstairs.

Exit the mine and head back to the left. Near one of the wounded there is a gate and a remote control. Open this gate as power is now supplied here. Follow the new path to the second mine. Move through the mine. If you don't know where to go next, always use meditation and the scope for exploration. In dead ends, you often need to look for a ledge somewhere above. Collect the royal jelly, there will be gas fat in the same place. Jump over the rungs to the generator and start it up. Go down a little lower and collect some mosses. This is the third ingredient. Get out of this mine. There is an elevator next to it, which is now operational.

Climb up and run to the left of the circular saw. Talk to another mudokon. This path will lead to two mines. Enter the top. Follow through and collect the droppings. This is the fourth ingredient. Avoid rotating spiked shafts. Move deeper and find a closed door. Jump to her with a double jump, pick up royal jelly and gas fat. Go back and refuel the generator. Go to that door again. The spiked shafts are now moving, so be careful. Open the door and pick up the bat poison. Create the first dose of antidote. Get outside and heal the first mudokon. Move with him on the funicular.

Go left again and go down to the cave below (you haven't forgotten about it, have you?). This will take you to a secret area with three mudokons. Heal them and create a portal on the left to save them. Go back, healing all mudokons along the way. In total, you can collect 7 mudokons (they are all outside, not a single one is in the mine). Then, when you have all seven, go up to the panels at the top at the beginning of the location and order them to activate the gate (interact with the central terminal). Ride the funicular together. Intermediate result: 3 saved, 7 with you recovered.

Save, ask the mudokons to wait for you at the funicular (key "2"). Move to the right and heal two more. Enter the mine. This is a secret area. Go right and free the two mudokons. Go down to the lower level and look to the left for the ledge with royal jelly and gasoline fat. Refuel the generator from above, escort the two mudokons with you to the middle level, to the elevator on the left. Go up and create a portal. Five saved! Return to the funicular and run to the left with all the mudokons. There will be a bird portal. Create a teleporter to save everyone. You ended up saving 15/24 Mudokons. For 80%, this is at least 19 mudokons!

Climb higher and take a running jump into the house on the right. Made? This path will lead you to a door that will move Abe to a secret area. 5 mudokons are hidden here. Three of them are in a conspicuous place. Heal them and head left. Create a bird portal to save the mudokons. Go back a little and climb up to the moving shaft. Mudokon is hidden in the building on the left. Return to the very beginning, climb all the way up and to the right. The Mudokon is hidden behind a sheet of metal. When you save all five, leave the secret area. In total, we have saved 20 mudokons. This is enough for a good ending. I never found four more.

Valley of Sorrow

Go right until you find a mine on top. Enter it and immediately climb up the ledges to cure two mudokons and find a gas fat with royal jelly. Go downstairs. Place one mudokon on the left button above the room with two sick slaves. Heal them and order them to stand on the button inside the room (otherwise they will crush them). Exit and summon the upper mudokon to close the room. Go down and summon the mudokons in the room to get them off the button. Climb up and stand by yourself on the left button. Mudokons will follow you, they will not be crushed. Lure enemies into the room, go downstairs and create a portal for the mudokons. Leave the mine.

Refuel the generator and take the funicular to the right. Capture the nearest enemy and shoot the rest of the slig. With the same flying slig, destroy the wooden obstacles on the right side to get to the royal jelly and the secret passage. Kill the enemies behind the secret passage and find the milk and four mudokons on the left. Cure them. Here, at the beginning of the secret zone, there is a bird portal. You have already saved 8 mudokons!

When you climb up the wooden stairs, do not rush to jump to the left to the checkpoint. Climb up to the stop and jump to the left along the crossbar. This will take you into a secret area with a portal and three more workers (and binoculars). You saved 11 Mudokons.

Continue on and rescue a few more mudokons, including in and below the mine. In this mine you will find a gas fat (you need to climb the ledges next to one of the lonely mudokons). In total, by this moment you must save 21 mudokons. Unless, of course, the bug did not work (I lost the bird portal, and I could not save three of them). As for the requirements, you need to save at least 25 creatures.

Then you will be asked to get rid of the snipers. Capture the flying slig and kill all enemies. Be sure to lower each lever to shut off the electricity. This way you can save three more mudokons. There is a descent down to the side of the portal, and this path will lead you to the fourth mudokon. There are a total of 25 rescued mudokons. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any more (and because of a bug, only 22 mudokons were counted for me). The further path is simple.

Station "Zhyr"

Go right for royal jelly immediately. Follow the left and rescue the first mudokon. Move across the bridge, hiding from the sniper inside the smoke club. Walk to the left, jump down and immediately turn right. You will find a secret area with royal jelly and a portal. The first mudokon is saved! When you find the second a little further, take him back to the same portal!

Go through the holes with ladders and mines. Make your way past several snipers while jumping on platforms with steam and enter the passage. Walk past the sleeping slig. Hide in the locker (press E twice) to bypass the patrolman and go downstairs on the elevator. Continue driving, be sure to search the lockers. You must collect at least 30 crunchy mules. They are needed to open the gate at the end of the location.

Go through a row of tanks 1, hiding from enemies in the tubers of steam and opening the doors by turning the valves. Simple enough. Walk down to the left to find rooms with 6 mudokons. Call everyone by holding "1". There is also a waste recycling machine on the right. Recycle bottles. For each you will receive 3 mules. Go upstairs and ask the workers to open the door. When you hide with mudokons in lockers, apparently, you need to first ask them to stay, and then open these lockers. Always climb into the very last locker so that the mudokons have enough room. Open the next door for 40 mules.

Drive deep into the screen and follow to the left. Using the buttons, you can turn on the streams of steam to hide from the slig. Go down to reservoir 20. Here you will save three more mudokons. The main thing is not to get killed, so hide in the steam clubs. The portal will be at the end, at the exit. Inside the building, you can craft the first smoke screens. Search the containers, click on Q and select a recipe. Throw a smoke screen under the scanner. Keep collecting bottles and returning them to the vending machine. Pass the enemies with the curtains and pay 50 mules at the end to open the door.

Drive further, deeper into the screen. Get to Tank 30 on the right. Free the three mudokons and lead them through the complex. You need to use smoke screens so that no one can find you. Take the elevator down.

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