Walkthrough Subverse - game guide (18+)


Walkthrough Subverse - game guide (18+)

Complete walkthrough of the main Subverse storyline with a description of the tactics of battles against bosses

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Subverse is an erotic sci-fi game that made its mark long before its release. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete it.


After a short video, we will get acquainted with the basic game mechanics in a tutorial task. We use WASD to control the spaceship and fly through the yellow circles.

Do not forget to press the "C" button to advance the frozen dialogue further. Use the left "Shift" to accelerate, and the left and right mouse buttons to fire. We use the "Space" for a sharp throw in space for a short distance and shoot down a couple of barrels.

We leave for the first combat mission and meet with many opponents. We destroy all targets and return to the space station. After a short conversation between Captain and DEMI, we observe the first extravagant scene in the game.

The ship will be attacked by the pirate Dread Lord Tibold, who will ask you to return DEMI to him. It turns out the Captain had previously stolen a high-tech droid from a pirate.

Before the first meeting with the boss, we get acquainted with Fortune, who tracked down Tybold earlier, and we set off to reflect the enemy's attack.

How to defeat Tybold

The enemy releases large spheres and shoots at the hero with a machine gun. We keep our distance and take one third of the enemy's health away. Tybold will then call for reinforcements and fly out of the war zone. We destroy the minions and go to the second phase of the battle. Now, in addition to machine gun volleys, Thibold will launch a triple beam.

We hide behind asteroids and at a long distance we remove another third of the enemy's health. Again we defeat the pirate's assistants and in the third phase we dodge the huge exploding red balls. When the rays are launched, we move in a circle and shoot at the boss. We destroy the enemy and return to the ship.

The captain almost dies due to the self-destruct protocol launched by DEMI, but in the end everything will be all right.

Doctor Lily will board the ship, who will persuade the Captain to shelter her alien monsters, the Mantics. The monsters are completely controlled by Lily, so at the moment they do not pose a danger to the main character.

Clearing Tybold's ship

Tybold's soldiers survived, so we switch to turn-based battles and destroy them with the help of new friends. For this we use various skills of the characters. We try not to come close to the girl and tank with the most powerful ally.

Upon the destruction of the first pack of enemies, the mission will be completed, and the squad will move to the second part of the battle. With a dog we finish off enemies with a small reserve of health, and with a giant we attack the largest opponents. We finish the third stage of the battle and complete the mission.

We are transported to another part of the ship, where we meet with the last squad of enemies led by Tybold. The pirate will constantly summon new enemies, launch missiles at arbitrary units in the location, apply various attacks in the area and activate grenades or traps. We use the same tactics as in previous battles and defeat our opponents. Lily will take the capsule, the mission will end, and the player will see the previously promised spicy scene again. The player will be given access to new scenes that can be opened for the points earned.

We leave the menu and observe the conversation between General Wiloof and Blythe. The girl is aggressive and threatens to destroy the general's entire fleet.

We watch a short video in which Viluf's army suffers a crushing defeat. Bliss wants to get to Lily and take possession of her creatures.

We return to the ship and talk with the old friend of the Captain, Erark (Erark), who will ask for the weekend to overthrow the intergalactic government.

To do this, the team will have to hire powerful rebel girls who are ready to serve under the command of the hero. The captain will have to go with them on various missions in all five sectors to destabilize the Imperium, in order to further inflict a joint devastating blow.

Recruiting allies

The team will need a capable mechanic to begin with, so Fortune suggests recruiting her old friend Dallick. The squad will not be able to finish the conversation with him, as his ship will be attacked by a squad of Fuccbotts.

Dallik is ready to join the team to save himself from the armada of enemies. We jump into our battleship Phoenix (F3NIX) and set off to destroy the enemy.

Defending the Dallik space station. At a certain moment, a timer for starting an energy pulse will appear in the upper corner of the screen, Fly away from the station, otherwise we will explode together with all the enemies. After the fourth wave we fight with a huge ship.

How to beat the Drilldildozer 69,000

We fly north from the Dallik space base and find the boss. We dodge his constant shots and disable the left and right engines. We dodge the rays in the second stage of the battle and destroy the enemy ship without any special difficulties to complete the mission.

We are transported to the Imperium and after a short video we observe Maeyomodo's conversation with Princess Kasidor. The general distrusts the princess and her aggressive management methods. Kasidora uses her magic to subdue the mind of Maymodo.

We return to the Captain's ship and find out that Dallik has finished updating the ship. The player now has access to the engineering compartment, laboratory and locker room. There is no customization in the game at the moment, so after a short survey of all the available rooms we return to the Bridge.

We talk with DEMI on any topic and go to the Laboratory, where we communicate with Lily. We are transported to the hangar (Hangar Bay) and discuss further actions with Dallik. We thank him for improving the spaceship and return to the bridge again.

We open the on-board computer in the center of the room and talk to Fortuna. After a short conversation with the team, we set off to explore the depths of the universe and move to "Aratus". We examine four planets and near Svyatogor we start a new mission using the Interact key.

After a short video, meet Killi. The captain will transmit the received data from the Tybold's ship, and the girl will board the ship herself. She will provide information on six encrypted keys scattered throughout the galaxy. Two of them have already been received from Tybold and Killy, and finding the rest will obviously have to work hard.

Open space

We go to the system "Reria" (Reria) and cleanse the enemies from each planet in sequence. After completing a mission on one of the planets and meeting Dim Fool, the player will receive a third key and will be transferred to the film studio of the central city.

We watch the princess speak in a short video and listen to the presenter's reasoning after. We return to the city and follow the conversation between the senator and the mechanized soldier Azzorion, who are simultaneously under the influence of the magic of Princess Kasidora. After Senator leaves, Kasidora will ask Azzorion to find Celestine.

To be continued...

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