What if Bloodborne was a karting game for PSX? The April's Fools joke that fans will love


What if Bloodborne was a karting game for PSX? The April's Fools joke that fans will love

Touring the streets of Yharnam has never been more fun than in this PSX Bloodborne turned kart game.

At this point there is no denying that Bloodborne is one of the games most loved by PS4 players , and there is an important news about it (as a joke for April's Fools). What do you think Bloodborne would be like with PSX graphics and turned into a kart game?

The result could be hilarious at best ... and the truth is that it is already a reality, thanks to a little joke from a developer on Twitter. Interestingly, he announced in a tweet that the PSX Bloodborne project has been canceled to focus on this Mario Kart on the streets of Yharnam.

The best of all is that there are several videos in the thread, where you can take a look at the recreation of the streets of the city of Bloodborne , the different gothic scenes, The Hunter in his vehicle and different details, such as the Pthumerian Cup , the music (which you can already listen to separately on YouTube) or some monsters that adorn the circuit.

This developer is in charge of creating a Bloodborne demake as if it were a PS1 game, something we have seen but in a short video. Surprising everyone when he announced that he was canceling the project for the frenzied Bloodborne Kart , although it was finally a joke for the April's Fools.

In the @ b0tster thread you can see some more details of Bloodborne Kart , such as the possibility of choosing other characters, such as the Cleric Beast, the werewolves or the trolls , along with the unmistakable background music. Can you imagine a Bloodborne Kart on PS4 and PS5?

The day of April's Fools left us with other very ingenious jokes, such as Razer's Rapunzel Chroma, a shampoo that gives RGB colors and shimmering shine to your hair, or the recreation of Control as if it were a 1996 game on PS1 , hand in hand by Remedy. 

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