Why you have to be afraid of the arches in Fortnite now


Why you have to be afraid of the arches in Fortnite now

There were a few changes in Fortnite: Battle Royale , mostly affecting the weapon balance. The arches seem pretty strong now. We'll show you why you should be afraid of the arches.

That's going on in Fortnite right now: The start of Season 6 brought some new weapons into the game and you can now even make primeval weapons yourself . Apparently, Epic wasn't entirely happy with the weapon balance, as they brought in some tweaks and buffs for some creaking. Some weapons were already being screwed on with Update 16.10 .

Now, however, the bows in particular should have benefited from a buff after Epic made the changes. Are you too strong now?

Arches become stronger than before

This change has been made to the arches: the arches in Fortnite now do more damage than before and the speed of shots has been increased. According to the FireMonkey dataminer, the original damage from a headshot is multiplied by 2.5X - previously it was 2.0X ( via Twitter ). This is how it affects the arches:

  • Makeshift bow: was 104 damage / now 130 damage
  • Primeval Bow: was 130 damage / now 162.5 damage
  • Mechanical bow: was 170 damage / now 212.5 damage

The Makeshift bow can be converted into a prehistoric or mechanical bow using the appropriate materials. So you can benefit from the higher damage immediately afterwards. With a mechanical bow, you can now even kill an enemy with a headshot, even if they have full health and shield.

This change makes the mechanical bow particularly dangerous, as it can kill you with one shot. In addition, you can further expand the prehistoric arch and the mechanical arch with materials, such as tinkering a stink bow from the prehistoric version - so you not only have a lot of damage, but also other aspects that make it even more difficult to counter.

You can also equip the mechanical bow with explosive arrows

Epic brings further changes to the weapon balance

What other changes has Fortnite brought? In a tweet, Fortnite Status announced that they had made a few changes to the game ( via Twitter ). These changes mainly affect the weapons in the game. This is different now:

  • The amount of crafting materials has been doubled - so you'll find them more often
  • Improvement of assault rifle and revolver marksmanship
  • Bow headshot damage and speed increased
  • Recycler trash bombs now fly faster
  • Primeval Pistol: Damage and rate of fire increased
  • Improvement for all submachine guns
  • The spawn rate of normal weapons, primeval weapons and makeshift weapons has been split evenly
Epic brings further changes to the weapon balance

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