13 important settings that make you better in CoD Warzone


13 important settings that make you better in CoD Warzone

So that you always go into battle with the best possible conditions in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone , you will find the best settings for your fight for victory here.

What is this about The standard settings when you start Call of Duty: Warzone are not optimally set for the fast gameplay of Battle Royale. Although your preferences also matter here, there are a few settings that you should tweak a bit. These include:

  • Optical filters for better visibility
  • Movement settings for faster movement sequences
  • Control settings for safer handling
  • Audio settings: Adjustments for better detection of nearby enemies
  • Control options for mouse and controller

With a few adjustments you get an advantage over players who don't change anything here. In a battle royale as big and hectic as Warzone, every little advantage can help you win.

Settings of the warzone that you should definitely make

Let's start with important settings that you should definitely change, otherwise you will have a noticeable disadvantage:

  • 1. Noise: OFF
  • 2. Motion blur: OFF
  • 3. Mini-Map: Square, without rotation
  • 4. Audio Settings: Deep Boost / Home Cinema

What about the image noise? In the menu item “General” you will find the item “Image noise”. This is an optical filter that adds noise to your image. Set the noise to 0.00, because you can't really use such cinematic filters over your image at all.

What do I do with the motion blurs? Turn off! As with the image noise, you get a filter over the image here, but this time only if you move. This filter distorts your image and makes it more difficult to spot opponents when moving or rotating. You can also find this setting under "General". Here there is the “world movement fuzziness” and “weapon movement fuzziness”.

What can I do with the mini-map? Since update 1.17 you can switch the mini-map from "circle" to "square". That brings you a nearly 20% larger map. Also very helpful for orientation when you receive calls from colleagues: Deactivates the rotation of the mini-map. Then you can always see exactly in which direction you are moving on the minimap. You can also find this option under "General".

What do other audio settings bring? This is about the steps and movements of nearby enemies. With a focus of the audio output on the frequency bands responsible for the steps of the find, you can hear the enemies better as they sneak around you. In the “Audio” menu item, set the “Audio Mix” to “Bass Boost” or “Home Cinema”.

Settings for small benefits that can make all the difference

You should take a look at the following settings, as they have small advantages. However, the settings also require a bit of getting used to.

  • 5. Use / reload behavior: Context dependent
  • 6. Slipping behavior: tapping
  • 7. Automatic weapon change when ammunition is used up: Activated
  • 8. Automatic Forward: Activated
  • 9. Automatic parachute deployment: Disabled

What changes in the use / reload behavior? With this little setting you can loot faster , use doors and perform other actions more quickly. In order to use or pick up something, you only have to "press" and no longer "hold". It takes a bit of getting used to, however, especially if you've been playing with the standard setting for a while. You can find this point under “Controller” - for players on the PC “Reload” and “Use” are usually on different buttons anyway.

How does the sliding behavior change? Similar to the use / reload behavior, you switch the controls here from "Hold" to "Press". If you press the "crouch" button during a sprint, you will go straight to the slide. That saves time and feels right too. This setting also belongs to "Controller" or "Keyboard & Mouse".

Why should auto weapon switch remain activated? You save a little time when changing weapons when your entire bullet reserve is used up. This setting is already activated by default and should remain so. You can find them again under "Controller" or "Keyboard & Mouse". If you have another of the best weapons in the Warzone at the start as a second weapon, you often get your opponent down after all.

What automatically brings you forward? "Battle Royale" players should be familiar with this setting, as some competitors in the Warzone also offer this option. If you press “Run forwards” twice in quick succession, your character will automatically move on. So you can relax your fingers briefly while you look at the map or throw something out of your inventory without stopping. Depending on the system, you can also find this setting under "Controller" or "Keyboard & Mouse".

What does the deactivated parachute use bring? If you always open the parachute manually, you will reach your destination much faster if you want to reach a point near the take-off plane. But it takes a bit of practice until you have the right time to open it. This should be done as close to the ground as possible.

When landing, you can wait until just before the ground to open the parachute. Find a balance for yourself between the risk of a painful impact and the security of surviving every landing unscathed.

Especially at the beginning you should practice in the preparation rounds or start a loot match and test the mechanics for a few minutes.

Special features of the input devices and platforms

The Warzone supports crossplay and cross progression and thus connects different input devices that offer other settings.

For example, if you play with a mouse, you don't need to worry about the vibration function. So here are a few more settings that are not generally applicable, but depend on the platform, your preferences and input devices.

10. Controller settings

  • vibration
  • Trigger
  • Key assignment
  • Sighting aid

How should I adjust the vibration? Deactivates this option. The vibration function is a nice feature for controllers, but it can also be annoying. If you don't want to do without the feedback, it doesn't make that big a difference. But in some situations the wobbling while aiming can disturb you and the decisive shot goes wrong.

What can I do with the triggers? Moves the shoot / aim buttons from the rear triggers to the front ones. The buttons can be pressed faster because they have a shorter path. This saves you a little bit of time when firing and aiming. You can change this under the menu item "Controller" under the first item "Key assignment default settings". You can see the setting on the right above the controller graphic. You do not have to change the "key assignment presets" for this.

Which key assignment is best? Everyone has to decide for themselves, but the rule is: the less you take your thumbs off the sticks, the better. Because whenever your thumbs do something else, you cannot react directly. Especially with the actions:

  • Reloading
  • Leap
  • Crouch / slide

There are controllers that have buttons on the back that solve the problem. For PS4 controllers, you can even get an attachment that offers a few additional buttons on the back. But even without special hardware you can change something here:

  • Preset Tactics - Swap melee combat for crouching / lying down / sliding
  • So you get the crouch on the right stick and swap the rather rare action "close combat" for the more often used action crouch / lie down / slide
  • Default bumper-jumper (tactical) - Here you also swap close combat for crouching and also the "tactical equipment" with jumping. You then jump / climb on one of the triggers.

What should I do with the sighting aid? Players with a controller receive an aim assist to support them, which mouse users cannot use. There are 4 settings here that you should use depending on your play style. 

11. Mouse & keyboard settings

  • Key assignments
  • Field of view

How should I put the keys? Take a look at which commands you can still put on the mouse or quickly accessible buttons. If you have been playing with the standard setting so far, there is certainly some room for optimization here. For example, you can put your primary or tactical equipment on "press mouse wheel" - or you can get a mouse with several thumb buttons. In contrast to the controller, here you have the option of configuring each button as you wish.

What about the field of view? If you play on the PC, you can adjust the "Field of View". You enlarge the visible image section directly. So you can see a lot more of your surroundings, but the picture is also a little distorted. Sprinting and fast movements in particular then seem faster to you, even though they are not. If you can handle this, try the "field of view" on the highest setting. But that too is a matter of taste. If you set the FoV at least a bit high (90 or 100), then you already have an advantage.

12. Correctly set the sensitivity of the input devices

  • sensitivity
  • Target Response Curve
  • mouse
  • Controller

What do I do with my sensitivity? Here the opinions sometimes differ widely. One swears by high values ​​in order to be able to react quickly - the next swears by low sensitivity in order to be able to aim better. Choose here what suits you better and consider the following points:

  • Mouse - When playing, pay attention to the area around you are moving on your mouse pad. The sensitivity should be set in such a way that with the longest movement that you make with the mouse, you can create a complete turn of the character. So adjust it so that you can turn around without having to readjust.
  • Controller - Either start high and work your way down slowly if these settings are too fast for you or start low. If you then notice that your right stick hits the edges while aiming, you can go higher. Tries to find the point where the stick rarely touches the corners when aiming.
  • ZV sensitivity - try a value just below 1 - for example 0.9. This gives you a little aim boost when you set your sights.

13. Target Response Curve

What can I set for the target reaction curve? Here you determine the reaction of the input devices to your commands. On the consoles you will find three selectable presets, while the settings can be adjusted more individually with the mouse. Let off steam here a little. You can find these options directly under the sensitivity settings.

Depending on the input device, you have different setting options.

What do I take with a mouse? There are three settings under this menu item: mouse acceleration, filtering and smoothing. For an unfiltered input, slide the slider to 0 and deactivate the smoothing. So you have direct control without the intervention of the game.

But it is sometimes worthwhile to try something out with some settings. If you have a rather lower sensitivity, work with acceleration. This increases the sensitivity to fast mouse movements. If you are used to a certain latency when starting the mouse movement, play around with the smoothing and filtering a little.

What do the controller settings bring? Of the 3 settings "Standard", "Linear" and "Dynamic", the last two are recommended, depending on your preferences. "Linear" is the most direct input method and "dynamic" delays something. Standard is the most sluggish, so you should try one of the other options here.

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