A young boy saves the life of his terminally ill dog by selling his precious Pokémon cards


A young boy saves the life of his terminally ill dog by selling his precious Pokémon cards

The 8-year-old boy Bryson Kliemann loves collecting Pokémon cards. He also has a little puppy that he is very fond of. However, when the dog fell ill with a deadly disease, the boy had no option but to sell his cards to pay for the expensive treatment for the puppy. But things turned out better than expected.

What happened? West Virginia boy Bryson Kliemann has a loyal dog named Bruce. The 8-year-old boy has two older siblings, but they only play together and not with him. Hence the dog is his only constant playmate. In addition to the dog, Bryson also enjoys his steadily growing collection of Pokémon cards.

But then Bruce suddenly fell ill and the dreaded parvovirus (via Wikipedia ) was found in the dog. This disease is especially dangerous for puppies and often leads to death.

Treatment is possible, but very expensive. The treatment should cost around $ 700 to save the dog. Bryson didn't have that much money and his family couldn't raise that amount either.

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Boy sells Pokémon cards out of need, but the community supports him

What did the boy do? In his distress, Bryson recalled that Pokémon cards have seen an absurd increase in value since 2020. There have been cases in which cards and unpacked displays were sold for absurd prices:

  • Someone bought 396 Pokémon cards for $ 400,000
  • YouTuber buys Pokémon cards for $ 2 million
  • Streamers open boosters and get super rare card

So with a heavy heart Bryson decided to part with the cards and give the dog life-saving treatment.

I know everyone likes Pokémon cards, so I decided to sell them.

The boy then set up a kind of improvised sales stand next to the street. A sign that read "Pokémon 4Sale" was meant to draw potential customers' attention, while the boy stoically persevered and was even able to sell a few cards.

Mother sets up online campaign: Bryson's mother decided to help her son and spread the word on the Internet. That, in turn, led to a GoFundMe campaign that actually only asked for $ 800. In the end, more than double the sum came about and over 1,800 dollars ended up in the pot. With this, Bryson was able to save his beloved puppy and there was still enough money left to pay for further vaccinations and treatments for the dog.

In addition, the boy doesn't have to sell all of his cards now. So now he has both cards and the dog and can enjoy both. Another example shows that sales of valuable cards can also go badly wrong. Someone there sent a valuable Pokémon card worth 60,000 US dollars and the card disappeared in the mail, never to be seen again, in the parcel limbus!

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