According to an insider, about 80% of the trailer for the upcoming Battlefield has been leaked.


According to an insider, about 80% of the trailer for the upcoming Battlefield has been leaked.

With more and more leaks on the new Battlefield game showing a clearer understanding of the character models, insider Tom Henderson said that about 80% of the trailer had already been leaked.

Battlefield's Upcoming Trailer - Preserves a lot of new moments for the upcoming game, and the latest series of leaks seem to bring the total content from the trailer to 80% due to some of the recent leaks being five seconds long.

The claim that 80% of the leaked content from the trailer comes from Tom Henderson, a famous Battlefield insider. In a tweet about the recent leak, he said:

The leaks Tom talks about include screenshots from the trailer that have been converted to GIFs, and audio leaks that come with the images. Specific details are difficult to make out due to the large watermark, but quite a lot of the trailer is still visible, which confirms some rumors about the game, including devastating weather effects and the fact that it will simply be called Battlefield.

The Battlefield community joked that they could probably put together a trailer before EA releases it, but that joke is quickly becoming a reality. Tom Henderson has been one of the most trusted sources of information on Battlefield, from a simple trailer status report to actual trailer sketches .

The leak was originally contained in just two screenshots from the trailer, mimicking what Tom Henderson sketched, but they've been picking up speed since EA announced the trailer would release in June, not May as many had assumed.

Trailer leaks are just the tip of the iceberg for Battlefield 6, as various other elements of the game were revealed prior to its official launch, including that it might not have a story mode and that it might have free-to-play elements. 

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