Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids - Where to Find New Weapons and Armor

 We tell you about each new set and weapons in the first storyline expansion of the game

With a thorough study of the game, you can unlock one bow, six melee weapons (including one legendary / mythical), four shields, and seven sets of armor. We talk about all this in more detail below.

Norwegian Gaelic Bow (Bear)

  • Hitting a vulnerable spot poisons the enemy.
  • 1 rune slot.

During the passage of story missions, upon arrival in Dublin, you will receive your first unique weapon - the Norwegian Gaelic bow. Whether you agree to shoot at targets or not, whether you hit everything or miss, it doesn't matter. You will get the bow anyway.

Dagger "Iberian Saxon" (Raven)

  • Critical hit chance temporarily increases after dodging.
  • 1 rune slot.

Can be purchased from Hazard for 20 Clothing, 20 Texts and 30 Luxury Items at any point in the game, after reaching Dublin Glory Level 2.

Sword "Egyptian Khopesh" (Bear)

  • After a critical hit, the weapon gains an incendiary effect.
  • 1 slot for runes.

Purchased from Hazard after reaching Dublin Glory Level 3. You will need 40 texts, 30 dishes and 20 luxury items.

Russian Shield (Bear)

  • Attack increases if there are more than three enemies near you.
  • 1 rune slot.

It is bought from the same Hazard with obtaining the fourth level of Dublin fame for 80 units of clothing, 45 dishes and 30 luxury items.

Byzantine spear (Wolf)

  • The probability of a critical hit increases as the weight decreases.
  • 1 rune slot.

The last weapon you can buy from Hazard in Dublin. To do this, you will have to pump the Dublin glory level to the maximum, fifth. And the purchase will have to spend 200 units of clothing, 150 texts and 35 luxury items.

Torgest's Shield (Bear)

  • The speed increases with high health.
  • 1 rune slot.

To obtain this shield, you will have to find two drangs in Ireland. They are marked with blue glowing dots. So that you don't get lost, go to the following places:

  1. Northwest of Port Auli, at Downpatrick Head. Drops out the pants of the hero of Dublin.
  2. On the northeastern outskirts of Ulster, look for the blue dot. This is the Path of the Giants. Death of the Giantess. Dublin Hero Armor drops.
Once you have killed both drangs, head to Loch Ney and swim to the small island in the center of the reservoir. Dive into the water near the shore, from the side of the broken boat, and search Torgest's body to get Torgest's shield (wolf armor).

Ceremonial Sickle (Bear)

  • The speed increases with each hit (up to 10 times).
  • 1 rune slot.

Another weapon can be obtained through the plot of the game. During the quest "Through the Fog", when you study the clues and meet with Kiara, walk together to the place of the ritual. Examine the tracks and follow the marker. Fight the fierce beast, then make your way to the ritual site and defeat all enemies, including the cultist Shetne. From her you can get the first clue on Kummaskah, but we killed him earlier. Also, after the destruction of Shetne, you will receive the first clues on the Deer and Oak. There is an equipment chest nearby. Inside it is a new weapon - the Ceremonial Sickle (Bear branch).

Legendary spear "Ga-Bolg" (Wolf)

  • After three hits in a row, the enemy is struck by an electric charge.
  • 3 slots for runes.

According to the story mission "Amber Sun". The last task of the story mode. As part of it, you will have to fight the Balor. Visit Deirdre and then agree to drink the potion. In the first stage, Balor uses only sweeping attacks with his spear, which are very easy to dodge. The second stage will begin after you have taken down a third of his health. His spear will glow and deal additional damage. But on the whole, the attacks will remain the same - easily wired and slow. Defeat your opponent to get a unique mythical weapon.

Bone Sickle (Bear)

  • Attack increases when the weapon is poisoned.
  • 1 rune slot.

South of Kloher in Connaught, look for a vast area home to the legendary animal, the huge Black Boar. Defeat him to get this sickle.

Cuchulainn Shield (Bear)

Ability attack increases with block duration. Only 1 slot for runes.

  1. Head to the very south of Connacht and to the left of Clonferth Abbey look for the white dot. Walk around the hill without going down too much and look for a destructible wall under the ruined stone arch. There will be red jugs next to it. Blow them up, go inside and find the Wee Neil artifact in a small depression. A message will appear here - if you find all the Wee Neil artifacts, you will find out the location of the secret chest in Ireland.
  2. There is a white dot below Knockfree and to the upper right of Aha Luan. Appears when you have a treasure map. Find a destroyed arch on the hill, and look for an entrance not far from it. Go there, break the jugs on the left, make your way into the next room and find the red jug. Return with him to the first room and place it near the destructible wall. Shoot to open access to the niche with the Wee Neil artifact.
  3. There is a white dot to the south of the An-Dishart trading post. It's in Ulster. Go down there and to the left of the very point on the map, look for the entrance to the cave. He will lead you to the next Wee Neil artifact.
  4. In Ulster, on the right side there is the Benn-Wava sync point. Go down from it down the map, to the Lagan River, where a white dot is shown. There is a camp by the water. Find the red pitcher there, and then climb the rock up in the direction of the white marker. If you see a closed passage, turn your back on it and jump a little lower from the log to find a passage even lower. There will be a breakable wall. Blow it up and take the Wee Neil artifact.
  5. Above Dublin itself, near the letter "H" from the word "DUBLIN" on the map, there is another white dot. Upon arrival, you will find her behind a pile of stones. Go around the boulders and see a cracked wall. Find a braided pattern on one side. Break it with an arrow, and then pay attention to the rope on the tree. Walk along the ropes until you find a lone pillar with a "slingshot" on top. Climb there, run across the ropes and stop in the middle of the far one. Look at the stones and see a small red jug through the hole. Blow it up to destroy the wall and get inside. Take the Wee Neil artifact.   When you have collected all five Wee Neil artifacts, move to the Lisdarrow Trading Post at the very bottom of the map. Go even lower to the orange point. Walk over the waterfall to find the Wee Neil's resting place. There will be a chest with equipment, which only opens if you have 5 artifacts! Inside you will find the Cuchulainn Shield (Bear Line).

Morrigan Shield (Raven)

  • Chance to spawn a poisonous cloud when parried.
  • 2 slots for runes.

There are several blue dots on the map. Some of them lead to the Morrigan test site. Each test is a battle with druids. If you win in all (about 5-6), you will get this weapon.

Celt (Bear) Armor Set

For a full set of armor, you will receive an increase in attack when taking damage, as well as an additional increase in damage and melee resistance.

  1. You can search Ingroe. To get to the chest with Celtic Bracers (Bear Armor), enter the building and break the crates in the left corner. There will be a breakable wall behind them. After breaking it, get to the chest with bracers.
  2. In Fortress Kashelor, after or before capturing it, look for the bright orange marker in the northern fort. Break the wooden boxes, slide the narrow block inward and the wide one to the left. Go inside the cache and collect the Celtic Pants. Climb the wall to the tower where Kiara sits. It can be found by the sound of the song. In a conversation with her, the first romantic choice will appear, but so far it will not be possible to spin a romance.
  3. To obtain the Celtic Armor, travel to Ratkrogan, located in the center of Connaught. There will be several yellow markers, and one of the brightest leads to the house at the top of the hill. The door is locked inside with a key. Go down a little lower, use your flair and find the leader who has the key. That is, you have to fight. After receiving the key to the chest in Ratkrogan, go inside and take the Celtic Armor.
  4. There is a settlement with an orange dot on the banks of the Inkh-Lokh-Nei. If you are noticed, they will immediately attack. An orange dot indicates a tent that contains an equipment chest. Open it to get the Celtic Cloak.
  5. Finally, visit Ayleh, where another piece of armor remains - the Celtic Helmet. The room with the chest is located below, among the dungeons where your allies were sitting. It is locked from the inside. Walk right and up the steps. Look left. There will be a red tent. If you enter the correct tent, you will see a grate instead of the floor. Hold V to shine a red light on the lower lock and shoot at it. Go down and take away some of the armor.

Hero of Dublin (Wolf) Armor Pack

Hero of Dublin (Wolf) Armor Pack

For a full set of armor, you will receive increased damage in ranged and stealth attacks, as well as an additional increase in damage in ranged and stealth attacks.

  1. To get the Bracers of the Hero of Dublin, level up the City Glory to the second level.
  2. The fourth level will unlock the Dublin hero's cloak.
  3. On the fifth - the helmet of the hero of Dublin.
  4. To the northwest of Port Auli, there is a lonely rock called Downpatrick Head. There you will find the first drang in Ireland. It will drop the pants of a Dublin hero.
  5. Look for the blue dot on the northeastern edge of Ulster. This is the Path of the Giants. Here you need to defeat one of the two drangs - the Death of the Giantess. The armor of the hero of Dublin falls out of it.

Druid (Raven) Armor Set

Druid (Raven) Armor Set

For a full set, you will receive health regeneration for a series of strikes (at least three) against the same enemy, as well as an additional increase in melee damage and resistance to poisoning.

  1. Travel to the Boyne Tombs that you visited during the game's storyline. Go deep into the cave and go down the stairs to the enemies. Kill three opponents and find the key to the door on the table. Go even lower, through the balcony, kill two enemies and open the door with the key. There is a crack in the right wall behind the door. There is a chest with a Druid Armor (Raven Armor).
  2. On the way there, immediately attack the Dun-na-Ngall fortress. By raiding, you will earn enough supplies. In addition, on the territory of this fortress, there is a chest with armor behind a locked door. The Druid's Bracers are there.
  3. Travel northwest of Ulster to complete the Trample Them quest. Kill the listed targets in Dunforth Keep. There is a chest with a druid's cloak in the stones.
  4. Search Movilla Abbey in the north of the bay off the eastern Ulster Peninsula. If you have been actively clearing out the abbeys, then the Movilla Monastery will surely remain the last. Climb to the top right corner of the map, raid and clear all supplies. Enter the main monastery at the top, which also has a druid's helmet.
  5. Follow to Keshkorran and look inside the cave for an unprotected chest with druid pants.

Iberia (Raven) Armor Set

Iberia (Raven) Armor Set

Complete set bonus:

  • Attack increases after dodging.
  • Additional increase in melee damage and evasion.
Can be purchased from Hazard when Dublin Fame is Level 2:

  1. Iberian Armor - 20 clothing items.
  2. Iberian Bracers - 10 clothing items, 20 texts.
  3. Iberian helmet - 30 clothing items.
  4. Iberian Pants - 10 clothing items, 30 texts.
  5. Iberian Cloak - 15 clothing items, 15 texts, 20 food items.

Egypt (Raven) Armor Set

Egypt (Raven) Armor Set

Complete set bonus:

  • Attack increases during the day.
  • Additional increase in melee damage and fire resistance.
Can be purchased from Hazard when Dublin Fame Level 3 is increased:

  1. Egyptian armor - 25 texts.
  2. Egyptian bracers - 60 items of clothing, 30 texts.
  3. Egyptian helmet - 80 items of clothing, 25 texts.
  4. Egyptian pants - 40 items of clothing, 30 texts, 10 dishes.
  5. Egyptian Cloak - 30 Texts, 30 Luxury Items.

Armor Set "Rus" (Bear)

Armor Set "Rus" (Bear)

Full set bonuses:

  • Attack increases if there are three or more enemies near you.
  • Additional increase in melee stability and armor.
Can be purchased from Hazard when Dublin Fame is Level 4:

  1. Russian armor - 30 dishes.
  2. Russian bracers - 80 texts, 30 dishes.
  3. Russian helmet - 60 items of clothing, 60 texts, 20 dishes.
  4. Russian pants - 100 items of clothing, 40 dishes.
  5. Russian cloak - 30 dishes, 40 luxury items.

Byzantium (Wolf) Armor Set

Byzantium (Wolf) Armor Set

Complete set bonus:

  • Armor increases after a critical hit.
  • Additional increase in melee damage and health.
Can be purchased from Hazard when Dublin Fame is Level 5:

  1. Byzantine Armor - 30 luxury items.
  2. Byzantine bracers - 140 clothing items, 20 luxury items.
  3. Byzantine helmet - 150 items of clothing, 120 texts, 20 luxury items.
  4. Byzantine Pants - 90 Texts, 50 Foods, 25 Luxury Items.
  5. Byzantine cloak - 100 dishes, 30 luxury items.

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