Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids - All Treasure Maps


Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids - All Treasure Maps

How to find each treasure map and decode to unlock new customization items for the Drakkar and Eyvor; location of gold bars and supplies for trading posts

This guide contains all the Wrath of the Druids treasure maps that were added with the release of the first story expansion. Once you have fully explored Ireland, you will be able to assemble sketches with tattoos for the Eyvor or sketches for customizing your Drakkar. Treasure maps (like some other items) are marked on the global map with bright white dots. This is your landmark. And if you don't want to travel blindly, use the guide below!

Treasure Map: South Wee Neill

The treasure map lies on the ground. Look for the white dot to the right of Inkhroe and below Anna-Du. Take the item called "Treasure Map: South Ui Neill". Examine her. There are such drawings above Kells Abbey, on the promontory at Mead. Go there and find a reward among the stones - a sketch of "Pook (body)".

Treasure Map "Potion of Strength"

There is a small island to the upper right of the map from the Aha Luan trading post. There will be a house. Break the barrier at the entrance and take the "Potion of Strength" treasure map from the table. Travel to the elongated (vertical) island to the upper right of the Aha Luan Trading Post. Look for a reward at the fallen stone - a sketch of "Galloglas (hands)".

Treasure Map "Dream of the Druids"

There is a white and dull yellow dot to the southeast of Loch Tuam Lake. The white dot will lead you to the Dream of the Druids treasure map, as well as the key to the chest in Karnagan. Head to Loch Gar in Connacht at the top. Zoom in on this place on the map and pay attention to the hole in the middle. This is a well that you need to plunge into (it is shallow, in fact there is a small pool) in order to pick up the reward - a sketch of "Galloglas (chest)".

Treasure map "To my friend the priest"

To the north of Loch Ree, just below the shore there is a broken wagon, and a treasure map "To my friend the priest" is lying nearby. Travel to Kiltober in Connaught. Look for the descent into the dungeon to the right of the tent. Behind a metal lattice, right on the ground, there will be a reward - a sketch of "Galloglas (face)".

Treasure Map: Connaught

The Connaught Treasure Map is located on Downpatrick Head Island, north of Connaught. At the top of a distant cliff. Go downstairs and find a cracked floor on the white dot. Walk to the right along the cliff and find red pitchers on these lower ledges. Take the red jug and go back. Place on stones and shoot an arrow to blast stones. Take the treasure map. Go to Ratkrogan, follow the right and up the map and look for a triangular island, shaped like the one shown on the map. Go down to the pit and find a well there. Break the planks, follow down the well and pick up the "Fart (sails)" sketch.

Treasure Map: Brega

Treasure Map: Brega is located between the Tulla-Lat sync point (in Mead) and Arma. In the screenshot, a circle is marked with the Roman numeral II, on the right side of which this treasure should be sought. There will be a sketch of "Puka (shields)". Lies right next to the hill on the east side.

Treasure Map: Ulster

Treasure Map: Ulster is hidden by the Ern River, in the southern part of Ulster, on the left side of the map. This river separates Connacht and Ulster. Look for a white dot there. The door of the house by the river is bolted from the inside. Walk around the house and shoot the bolt through the window opposite the door. Now go to the synchronization point near the An-Dishart trading post and go down to the lake on the lower left - Lough Esk. There is a house closer to the mountain. Next to him, in the hay, lies a reward - a sketch of "Pooka (nasal figure)".

Treasure map: Dublin

The Dublin treasure map is to be found in the lower right corner of the game world. There will be a white dot. Arriving at the place, go down to the water and find a locked grate. A key is lying under the water opposite the grate. Pick up the key to the robber's cave, open it and take the map. Take a look at the map. The same picture is on the field to the right of the Ra-en-Duin trading post. Match and find the treasure on the right side. This will be a sketch of "Pook (poop)".

Village Doom Treasure Map

In Ulster, to the left of Dun-na-Ngall, there is a house. Inside it (break the dilapidated wall at the corner of the house) you can find loot and a Treasure map "Death of the Village". From the An-Dishart trading post in Ulster, head left on the map, all the way to the outskirts, where dim yellow markers are displayed on the headland, indicating common loot. Jump down the cliff, into the water, and climb into the bay with a pier and a boat. Inside the cave lies your reward - a sketch of "Galloglas (back)".

Tungsten Ingots, Trading Post Supplies

  • To the bottom right of Dublin, to the right of the pool with a tungsten ingot, there is a house. Behind him, on the side of the water wheel, there is a weak wall. Break it with an arrow, climb onto the rope by the haystacks opposite and shoot at the lock located on the inside of the door. Go inside and at the top under the ceiling look for the key to the chest in Dublin Lake. This key is needed nearby. To the left of the house (on the map), there is a chest with a tungsten ingot in the lake. Apply the key to it.
  • To the left of the Aha Luan Outpost is the Sync Point. The settlement below it is called Kiltober. Kill all enemies to drop the Kiltober Key. And open the grate in the center of the settlement to collect the tungsten ingot.
  • The key to the chest in the workshop is lying next to the workshop itself, where there is a locked chest. It is west (left of the map) of the Tulla Lat sync point. Pick up the key from the fallen tree and go inside to collect the tungsten ingot.
  • An orange dot in the upper right of Connacht, on the border with Meade, leads to a camp by the river, where supplies for a trading post are kept. So summon a Drakkar here and raid. Even higher than Connacht, just outside, in the southern part of Ulster, there is another orange dot. This is another camp with a chest that contains supplies for the trading post.

  • There is an orange dot in the lower right corner of Ulster leading to a chest with a tungsten ingot. The destroyed lighthouse will have a cracked floor. Climb up the beams and platforms and shoot at the mount so that the mesh with stones falls down and creates a hole. Take the tungsten ingot. Further to the right and higher, at the very shore there will be a camp of bandits with supplies for a trading post. Summon a Drakkar.
Note. The rest of the ingots are shown in the walkthrough of the game.

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