Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids - Knowledge Books Guide

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids - Knowledge Books Guide

 Here's how to find all the Knowledge Books included in the first story DLC

Knowledge Books are special items, upon finding which Aivor gains new melee and ranged abilities. There were many of them in the original game, but the first story addition expands the range of such abilities by 3 more skills, each of which can be improved once.

Smoke Bomb Arrow

Inside Lambeth Abbey there is a Knowledge Book with a new ranged skill - "Smoke Bomb Arrow":

  • Attaches a small pouch to the arrow that emits puffs of smoke on impact. Enemies blinded by him are deprived of the opportunity to do anything for some time.

There is a Knowledge Book in Klocher. It is hidden underground. Look for hay and a small red jug on the left side of the map. Grab it and jump down. There will be grave crosses here. There is a destructible wall around the corner of the building opposite. Blow it up, go inside, slide the block towards you and to the left and take the Knowledge Book with the "Arrows with a Smoke Bomb" upgrade. Smoke now flares up on contact with fire, setting nearby enemies on fire.

Viking greeting

Follow to Kells Abbey. There are four supply chests for the Trading Post, each with 70 supplies (280 total). There is also a locked room in the main building. Break the bolt by firing through the window from the outside and head inside to get the Knowledge Book with the new Viking's Greet melee skill:

  • When close to an enemy, inflict a crushing blow on his head.

Travel to Dunseverik in the upper right corner of the map to find a tungsten ingot and a Book of Knowledge. Climb up directly above the Book and look for a wagon and hanging stones. Shoot the mount to throw rocks down and punch a hole. Go down and take the Knowledge Book with the "Viking's Greeting" ability. If this is the second such book, then you will receive an improvement - the enemy remains incapacitated longer.

Irish wolfhound (how to tame a wolfhound)

Go to the village of Tuam, where you will find yourself in the story mission "Through the Fog". Go to the large idol in the village, go a little to the left of it and find a locked door. Go right and see a hole. Jump down into the water, and by this route get to the desired cave. Finish off all enemies in the main hall. In the next cell there is also a Knowledge Book with a new ranged skill "Irish Wolfhound":

  • Calls on the Irish wolfhound to help you, which will protect you from all enemies! Good dog!
Head to Bale na Ngall Falls and look for a burnt-out village along the Bann River. Look for the Irish Wolfhound Knowledge Book here. If this is the second book of this ability, then you will pump it to the second level. Now the wolfhound will protect you longer!

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