Attack on Titans hit the Guinness Book of Records


Attack on Titans hit the Guinness Book of Records

Manga "Attack on Titan» ( Shingeki the no Kyojin ) Hajime Isayama ended in April, but still boasts new achievements. On March 6, a special edition of Attack on Titans was released for the giants. Although the book has only 96 pages (the first two chapters of the manga), its height was 1000 mm, width - 704 mm, and weight - 13.7 kg (cover height reached 1010 mm, width - 715 mm). The limited edition of the edition was 100 copies, which were sold out in the online store of the publishing house Kodansha in two minutes. The book cost 165,000 yen (about $ 1,514). But it was only recently that this version of the manga was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as "the largest published comic book."

Attack on Titans hit the Guinness Book of Records

Attack on Titans has been featured in Kodansha's monthly Bessatsu Shonen since September 9, 2009. All 139 chapters of the manga will be collected in 34 volumes. The last compilation of the series will be released on June 9th.

The total worldwide circulation of Attack on Titans, including digital sales, exceeds 100 million. In Russia, the series is published by the Azbuka publishing house under the title Attack on the Titans.

Attack of the Titans media franchise includes anime from Wit Studio (TV series, OVA, compilation films), light novel, various manga, video games, two Japanese feature films and more.

On March 28, the 16-episode first part of the last season of the anime ended. The second part of the season will start coming out in winter. New authors and MAPPA studio are working on the last part of the series instead of Wit Studio.

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