Biomutant: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Biomutant: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which class to choose, how to swim, how to open locked doors, how to turn off the narrator, and more

If you are playing Biomutant right now and have encountered difficulties during the passage, then use our guide. In it, we give answers to popular questions from novice players.

What breed and class should I choose before starting the game?

The breed determines only the starting parameters of the characteristics, so choose more according to your taste. As for the class, in many respects it depends on it the capabilities of your hero in battle.

  • If you like close combat with heavy weapons, then choose the Markach .
  • If you like to shoot from a machine gun - Commando .
  • If you like to play as a battle mage - Psi-purity .
  • If you are impressed by fast and dexterous ninja with dual daggers - Saboteur .
  • And if you prefer to play defensively, choose the Guardian.

How to change your appearance?

Breed, physique, class and appearance are set at the start. Later, you can only pump characteristics, wung-fu techniques and special abilities. The color of the skin and appearance does not change.

What characteristics to pump?

As with most RPGs, the increase in health and armor ("Vitality") is not very useful - until you learn how to fight well and avoid damage, you will simply be killed one or two hits later. Otherwise:

  • To use a powerful melee weapon, you will need 50 strength points. Then you can not download it, since the damage from weapons due to this characteristic will rise slightly - you will always find a more powerful module later.
  • To use a powerful ranged weapon, you will need 50 dexterity points. Further, you can also not download it.
  • The pumped-up charisma can occasionally help convince someone (basically just make the enemy general surrender) and minimize the price from the merchants (but in the game there are too many trophies and you don't need to buy anything).
  • The pumped intellect will allow you to fizzle out more slowly during the battle , when you often spend Chi energy on dodges or special abilities. It will also speed up energy regeneration.
  • Luck is not worth investing in points at first. Only when you pump strength, agility and possibly intelligence up to 50.

How to aim with a weapon?

Unfortunately, in the game you cannot aim manually - the hero does it himself every time before shooting, you just need to turn the camera approximately towards the enemy. In addition, Biomutant does not have sniper rifles or other optic weapons that require manual aiming.

How can I upgrade my weapon?

This can be done by performing a modification (replacing some parts with others) or strengthening on a special workbench. The last one in the game is called the "upgrade bench" and can be found in a hot air balloon in villages.

How to use fast travel?

Formally, fast travel will become available when you pass the prologue and get out of Bunker 101. Mark (literally) the first sign, and then next to the next important location you will find others. Between them it will be possible to move through the map. On the map itself, the pointers are marked with yellow dots.

How to swim? Why does the hero swim badly?

You cannot learn to swim well in the game. According to the plot, the hero never mastered this skill in childhood. Therefore, if you find yourself in the water, try to get out of it as soon as possible, until the Chi energy runs out and the hero drowns. But about in the middle of the plot, a boat will be given out and it will be possible to move quickly and comfortably through the water.

How to wait until morning? How to quickly change the time of day?

Find a bonfire in settlements or near outposts. Be careful - many bonfires are extinguished at first and can be overlooked. Light the fire and press the interact button (E or Y on your controller) next to the fire. Then choose until what time to rest.

How do I open locked doors? How to unlock the lock?

Some doors cannot be opened with a pry bar ("pincer breaker") until you pump it by completing the Naked side quest.

Locked Puhzilla warehouses are also occasionally encountered. Find a monster nearby, the owner of the warehouse, and take the key from his body.

How do I turn off the narrator?

If you are tired of the narrator's comments on any occasion, then go to the audio settings and lower the value of its frequency to 0.

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