Blizzard promises: Diablo Immortal has a much "richer" endgame than Diablo 3


Blizzard promises: Diablo Immortal has a much "richer" endgame than Diablo 3

The release of Diablo Immortal (iOS, Android) is pending: The action MMO should come in 2021. The developers assure in an interview that the mobile game in the endgame should offer more than Diablo 3. There is talk of a multitude of activities in PvE and PvP - even after the launch, Diablo Immortal will be further developed.

Who's speaking? Talk to Pockettactics in conversation

  • Julian Love, Senior Combat Designer
  • Justin Dye, Senior Narrative Designer.

This is what the developers of Blizzard say about the endgame: In the interview they are asked how the endgame of Diablo Immortal is going, whether players could expect the same as from Diablo 3. Love replies:

“Oh no, we're going to have a much richer endgame experience. One of the things that we really want is to give players a ton of different things to do to evolve their characters.

We have things like Elder Rifts, which are an improvement on the Greater Rifts. We have the Helliquary, we have bounty hunts and PvP. There is the “Cycle of Strife”.

Usually when we think of games we think of leveling up via the story, seeing all the zones and then you reach the maximum level and the game is over. But with Diablo Immortal a whole new version of the game starts and all these systems are unlocked and you can choose from a variety of elements. "

Julian Love, Senior Combat Designer, Diablo Immortal

Endgame system lets you tap into the power of defeated demons

What is the Helliquary? According to the developers, during the main campaign, players will come across Deckard Cain, who developed the "Helliquary".

It is a technique by which one can tap into the power of demons and use them against them to defeat ever larger, stronger, and more powerful creatures.

The developers say the system is similar to the “Uber” system and the “Hellfire Amulet” from Diablo 3. It should grow and get bigger over time.

This is what the Helliquary looks like in the game: An Alpha from Diablo Immortal has been running in Australia for a few weeks . The first players have already tested the system. One YouTuber says the first boss in the system, "Lassal", killed him for hours before he figured out how to turn him off.

Apparently there are demanding “boss fights” that await players in the Helliquary. They master mechanics that you have to understand and learn before you can defeat the demons. 

How many zones does Diablo Immortal have at launch? 10 zones are planned. After the "Frozen Tundra" it will go to hell and another dungeon.

This is what they say about the level cap: You will bring a Paragon system again in order to be able to continue leveling in the endgame. 

New zones, classes and systems are already in the works

This is how Diablo Immortal continues after the release: The developers emphasize that Diablo Immortal should be continued strongly after the release. We're talking about

  • New zones
  • New systems
  • New content
  • New classes

Players should be prepared for the fact that the release is just the beginning of Diablo Immortal. A lot of things are already on their way while you are talking. Players would come across a game that will offer a lot more than just what it launched.

When is the Diablo Immortal release? We don't know the date at the moment either.

That's behind it: According to everything the developers say, Diablo Immortal is apparently supposed to be a high-quality mobile MMO that will be supported for years. This also explains why Diablo Immortal takes so unusually long to develop for a mobile game.

Blizzard is already working on the content that will appear after the release. It will be interesting to see if Diablo Immortal will be the hit Blizzard needs right now.

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