Blizzard talks about the release of Diablo Immortal - to be released in 2021

Blizzard talks about the release of Diablo Immortal - to be released in 2021

Now there is a prospect of the release date of Diablo Immortal . On the night of May 5th, Activision Blizzard published the latest quarterly report. It was about the income of the games, but also an outlook for the year 2021.

What is Blizzard saying? The call said that Diablo Immortal is on schedule for a global release later in 2021. So there is no specific date, but at least there is a hint that it should come this year.

It is the first time that Blizzard has announced a release period for Diablo Immortal. Even at BlizzCon 2021, people were completely covered when it came to the publication.

Only the Chinese developer NetEase already claimed that the game was ready , but that was at the end of 2019. Blizzard denied the statement at the time and reported that development was still in full swing.

You can watch the first 25 minutes of Diablo Immortal in this YouTube video:

Diablo Immortal was badly received at the announcement, but things are changing

How has Immortal developed? Diablo Immortal was first announced at BlizzCon in 2018 and didn't go down well at the time. Fans had hoped for a Diablo 4 and were disappointed with the announcement of a mobile game. The mood changed and there was the famous interjection whether the announcement was an April Fool's joke .

Again and again, Blizzard emphasized that Diablo Immortal should also appear in the usual “Blizzard quality”. In addition, Diablo Immortal and CoD: Mobile are said to have only been the beginnings of Activision Blizzard's mobile gaming.

What about the other Diablo titles? Another positive aspect for Diablo fans are the other two games that are currently in development.

  • The remaster Diablo 2: Resurrected should also appear in 2021 . This is coming to PC and even consoles. However, there was no new information on this in the conference call.
  • No new details were given for Diablo 4 either. There is no information about a release date yet.
How do you see Diablo Immortal? Do you enjoy the mobile game too or do you ignore it? Feel free to tell us in the embedded survey and in the comments.

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