CoD Warzone: Hunt for eagles - This is how you get the operator skin


CoD Warzone: Hunt for eagles - This is how you get the operator skin

With the start of Season 3 in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone , the “Eagle Hunt” challenge has started. We'll show you all the tasks and rewards as well as the eagle skin here.

What kind of event is that? Players in Call of Duty should solve tasks for the "hunt for eagles" in Warzone and Cold War. There are rewards such as stickers, calling cards and weapon tags. Here we show you all the rewards and what tasks you should fulfill for the hunt.

Update: Due to technical problems, many players could not get the eagle skin despite the completed challenges. Therefore, the developers decided to make the skin available to all players for free.

If you want the eagle skin, all you have to do is log into the game, open the operator menu and there you will find the new skin at Russell Adler and you can easily equip it.

But be careful! The skin is only available until the end of Season 3, so don't take too long.

Eagle hunting in Warzone - how does it work?

In Warzone you have to collect different information in matches. This happens on the new “Verdansk '84” map , which was activated with Season 3 in Warzone. Let off steam and collect the information to get the coveted rewards. 

Signs the Intel contract with FarmsCalling Card "Missing"
Get the Intel contract at the SummitSticker “Rebel Rivas”
Take out the Intel contract with FactoryWeapons tag "Close Call"
Tips for the challenges: It is best to start at Factory (near the Super Store). You should then track down and collect three supply boxes nearby. Collecting the three supply boxes is the goal at all locations. You then have 5 minutes per box to collect them. The easiest way to do this is if you have a helicopter in your possession and then just fly quickly to the locations, collect and carry on.

According to player reports, there are around 2-4 Intel contracts to collect per location. So do this at the start of a match first, so they don't snatch other players away from you.

Hunting eagles in Cold War - How does it work?

In Cold War you have to play through a few games to unlock the rewards. Especially on the Yamantau map you will have to compete more often in order to meet all objectives.

Play and complete 7 games on YamantauSticker "Head Comrade"
Kill 25 enemies who are
H.ARP or Field Mic. were revealed
Weapons tag "pager"
Kill 25 enemies in a killstreak while
using the Assassin Perk
Calling Card “Vengeful Commando”
Tips for the challenges: These challenges are not particularly difficult, they just eat up time. Play the games the way you normally play them. For the 25 kills, you can set up the field mic near the enemy spawn to reveal as many enemies as possible.

The rewards for hunting eagles - skin

This is how it looks: In the following tweet from CharlieIntel you can see the 6 mentioned rewards in the game:

How to get the eagle skin: If you are keen on the skin, you only have to complete 3 of the tasks. Either all 3 in Warzone or all 3 in Cold War. You don't have to solve 6 tasks for the eagle skin. 

CoD Warzone: Hunt for eagles - This is how you get the operator skin

As you can see, you don't have to change your style of play for the challenges that much. Most of the tasks are done on the side after a while. As soon as the first run on the Intel contracts in Warzone has subsided, your chances of getting the coveted parts increase.

How do you find these types of tasks? Do you like to have a breath of fresh air in the game or should there be other ways to earn skins like these?

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