CSGO weapon skins: how much they cost and how to get them


CSGO weapon skins: how much they cost and how to get them

Since 2019, when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive entered the aesthetic market for skins, skins allow players to customize the appearance of their weapons to stand out from the rest. However, these have great designs , but their purpose is aesthetic and if you want to get them consult our complete guide to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where we tell you more about the price of each of the skins and how to get them in CSGO.

These are the most expensive and cheapest skins in Counter Strike GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are unique, they have great designs and some of them are inspired by characters or campaigns from the video game. They can be obtained randomly when playing on official servers, but the most common way is to buy or trade them with other players in the Steam market; skins being among the most expensive items.

Some of the most sought after weapons can fetch exorbitant prices and even others like the M4A4 Dragon King skin , which is among the most used weapons, can be around $ 70 when it is brand new. Also, more exclusive ones like AWP's Asiimov , which records the deaths you make with it, can cost up to $ 285 in worn conditions.

Among others of the most outstanding is the Blue Gem skin of the powerful AK-47 assault rifle, depending on its quality, its cost can range from 200 to 500 USD, while its Tempered Steel aspect, around 150 USD when it is almost new. But don't worry because there are also skins available at lower prices, such as the SG553 and its Ultraviolet aspect or the AUG Stattrak; which are available for around $ 13 on Steam.

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