Destiny 2: How to find all the hidden chests in the new raid "Glass Chamber"


Destiny 2: How to find all the hidden chests in the new raid "Glass Chamber"

Destiny 2 has brought back the Glass Chamber and you can search for hidden boxes in the cult raid 4. We'll show you all the locations in the guide with video and tell you what rewards are waiting for you.

Even in Destiny 1, the Glass Chamber was hiding heaps of secrets that kept the Guardians busy for years. In Season 14 of Destiny 2 you can find 4 hidden chests and 12 collectibles in the raid.

We reveals everything you need to know in this guide and provides you with all the rewards and locations of the hidden objects with a description and also as a video.

What's in the boxes?

  • From the 4 hidden chests you can pull raid mods that are specially tailored for the glass chamber. Every week a small amount of “Conquest Loot” awaits you here per character.
  • With this you buy raid items after the final boss in the glass chamber or the deep stone crypt
  • Or you spend the resource in the tower to buy old raid exotics like the mighty Anarchy at the Exo kiosk (Monument of the Lost Lights).
  • On top of that, there is random loot in the chests, which you have already found at least once in a raid. So if you have the Brigner of Destiny in your collection, another roll of the famous weapon can run in every hidden chest. Only you don't get the Vex Mythoclast like this.

Box 1 - Right at the entrance to the Glass Chamber

This box is actually not “hidden” as it can hardly be overlooked. You can find them directly on the left at the large, round entrance to the raid.

Hard to miss

This door opens as soon as you have set up the Vex column by keeping the 3 panels in the large area of ​​Vex free for a while. So just play the start as normal, just don't forget to take the 1st chest with you into the glass chamber when there is a storm.

Crate 2 - Secret way deep into the raid

You have to find the 2nd hidden box before the 1st fight, i.e. before the Conflict phase (the arena in which the oracles and the Templar also appear). For this you have to take a secret path after the first bend after the first box at the entrance. You come to a room where it continues to the left and there is an abyss in front of you - stop here!

Not to the left, but down

Hop off the edge in this area, right below you is a hole in the wall that you have to maneuver into. Ideally, use a movement exotic and a sword to better navigate in the 3rd person.

There is a hole in the wall

Now follow the path further and further down and bravely jump into the next area. After a few seconds you will come to an open area with a tree in the middle. A little further to the right you will find the 2nd box on the left edge of a platform.

The reward for relegation

Then continue playing the raid as normal. In other words: beat up the templar and set off into the gorgon labyrinth.

Box 3 - The riddle in the Gorgon Labyrinth

Anyone who thinks the chests are not hidden will now experience their blue miracle. The 3rd box is waiting near the Laybrinth entrance behind a locked door. To open this door you have to shoot 3 hidden Vex cubes.

A keeper can do this alone or the whole team swarms out. Should you be spotted and whip, that's no problem. The searched Vex cubes remain destroyed for the run. Further down in the article we have a video showing the exact route through the labyrinth.

If you have destroyed all 3 Vex cubes, it will appear in the lower left corner of the screen that a door has been opened. Now go back to the entrance or let yourself be discovered - you will end up at the start again. From here it goes to the right. You can see a small variant of the raid entrance door in a brighter area. Inside you will find the 3rd chest above the plate.

The door in the labyrinth finally opens after the 3 switches

Box 4 - Just before the gatekeeper and Atheon

Fortunately, the 4th hidden chest is much easier to find again. She waits right after the small jump puzzle that takes you to Atheon's throne room (before you fight the gatekeeper and Atheon).

Don't climb the stairs to the Boss Arena! Before left is the 4th and last chest:

Box 4 - Just before the gatekeeper and Atheon

Directly to the left, before you enter the long corridor, you have to jump up a few meters. You can usually see the bluish glow of the box out of the corner of your eye. Use the pillar as a stepping stone to get to the chest on a ledge on the wall.

Congratulation! You have now found all 4 more or less well hidden boxes. You can of course loot these boxes every time you raid the Glass Chamber (after a reset). You only complete the triumph “Temporaldepots” once.

All 4 hidden boxes in the video guide

The well-known professional Esoterickk recorded the locations of all 4 hidden chests in a clear video. We'll include the clip and show you the timestamps of the 4 locations:

  • 00:00 : the 1st box at the raid entrance
  • 00:19 : the 2nd box and the path directly after the entrance
  • 00:57 : the 3rd box in the Gorgon Labyrinth and the locations of the 3 Vex switches
  • 03:14 : the 4th box in front of the gatekeeper and Atheon

Find all 12 collectibles in the Glass Chamber in Destiny 2

You can also find that: On your trip to the Glass Chamber, there are also 12 collectibles in addition to the 4 hidden chests. They look like large shards or rugged gemstones and can only be collected once (you have to get close to do this).

12 of these collectibles are waiting for you throughout the raid. You can even find the first 2 before you enter the raid. As a reward for finding you will receive the triumph “Gläserne Perle” and the exclusive raid shader “Bitter Perle” - which gives you a white and silver look.

Video guide for the 12 collectibles in the raid: Again Esoterickk has done the job and tracked down all 12 collectible objects and recorded them in a video guide. We include the timestamps here so that you can quickly find the item you are looking for. By the way, you can look in your Triumphs menu under “Legends” (far right) to see exactly which object you are still missing.

  • 00:00 : 1st collector's item
  • 00:21 : 2nd collector's item
  • 00:44 : 3rd collector's item
  • 01:02 : 4th collector's item
  • 1:55 AM : 5th collector's item
  • 02:38 : 6th collector's item
  • 03:03 : 7th collector's item
  • 04:37 : 8th collector's item
  • 04:57 : 9th collectible item
  • 05:43 : 10th collector's item
  • 06:31:11 . Collector's item
  • 07:11:12 . Collector's item
Here Esoterickk's video for all 12 collectibles in the raid:

Were you able to empty the glass chamber with the help of the guide? But if you think you have found all the secrets of the raid, you are wrong. What do you think of the new edition of the iconic excursion to Venus? Tell us in the comments.

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